Introducing the WasteShark

WasteShark® by RanMarine is an innovative aqua-drone; a modern solution to the modern problem of plastic waste. The WasteShark swims through its environment continuously clearing water of unwanted material and is able to simultaneously gather environmental data.


Inspired by Planet Earth’s biggest fish – the whale shark – WasteShark eats its waste prey with maximum efficiency, minimum effort, and without disrupting the wider environment. It is agile, quiet, unobtrusive, friendly to animals, powerful, durable, lightweight and produces no greenhouse emissions.

  • RanMarine Technology - “Sharks at work in your Smart City”

  • Innovative aqua-drone capable of removing trash from the surface water column and simultaneously collecting environmental data

  • Inspired by the whale shark

  • Captures floating material

  • 772 pounds total capacity

  • Autonomous or remote controlled

  • 8-hour runtime

  • Zero greenhouse emissions, Zero animal injury reported, Zero light/noise pollution

  • Water quality probe attachments

  • Customers include the City of Dubai, the Government of Panama and the World Wildlife Fund - and now available in the US


The WasteShark Clean Up Project

RanMarine Technology proposes to turn the tide on plastic by engaging with NGOs, government institutions and Corporate entities to sponsor WasteSharks and deliver them into the hearts of water-based communities.


Employ and Deploy!

By employing members of the community as WasteShark pilots we aim to create jobs in areas where they are needed most and at the same time the work done directly impacts both the communities environment and the global environment at large.

Where marine litter is at its worst there is almost always a direct correlation to poverty and lack of education. By employing locals to help clean up the water based trash, we aim to educate and at the same time vastly reduce the amount of plastic and waste flowing into our Oceans.

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