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Protecting our coastal waters through education and action

Seaside Sustainability

Seaside Sustainability is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean sustainability and education through action. We believe that the well-being of our environment, our communities, and our economies are inextricably linked.

Seaside Sustainability's mission is to preserve and protect the world's oceans, seas, wetlands, and estuaries by motivating citizens to evaluate the critical issues facing the water environment, educating the public on best practices for sustainability, and providing guidance for taking effective action.

Our Mission

Our Initiatives

Based in coastal Gloucester, Massachusetts, our initiatives include facilitating ocean-cleaning blue technologies; advocating for single-use plastics ban; mitigating invasive species; developing Green Scholars, an award winning education curriculum; and offering wide-ranging education programs.

Working With Others

By partnering with diverse stakeholders, including educational institutions, environmental groups, and other organizations across the public and private sectors, Seaside Sustainability is committed to building an informed citizenry to address the sustainability of water-based ecosystems in communities around the world.

Our Team

Seaside Sustainability’s staff, volunteers, and interns are equipped with a wide range of professional experiences in a variety of fields including Environmental Science and Studies, Sustainability, Policy, Economics, Psychology, and Biology. We are united by a shared commitment to protect the environment through our respective fields, and we strive to collaborate with people of all backgrounds and career levels to promote ocean conservation and sustainability.

We utilize the diverse expertise of partner organizations to fully engage our community. Our partners are essential to our growth by providing expert knowledge, financial support, invaluable outreach, collaboration on a wide variety of educational exploration opportunities, and promotion of local awareness about concerning issues.

Seaside Sustainability

127 Eastern Ave #236

Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-381-3302

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