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Protecting our coastal waters through education and action

Seaside Sustainability is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean sustainability and education through action. We believe that the well-being of our environment, our communities, and our economies are inextricably linked.

Based in coastal Gloucester, Massachusetts, our initiatives include facilitating ocean-cleaning blue technologies; advocating for single-use plastics ban; mitigating invasive species; developing Green Scholars, an award winning education curriculum; and offering wide-ranging education programs.

Working with teams of volunteers and interns across the globe, we promote the mindsets and behaviors that will reduce harmful human impact on the planet.

We utilize the diverse expertise of partner organizations to fully engage our community. Our partners are essential to our growth by providing expert knowledge, financial support, invaluable outreach, collaboration on a wide variety of educational exploration opportunities, and promotion of local awareness about concerning issues.

Seaside's staff, volunteers, and interns bring more than 185 years of experience in the fields of biology, science, engineering, backcountry medicine, training and development, business entrepreneurship, and experimental education. Inspired by our commitment to the natural world, we encourage people of all ages to learn by taking action.


Seaside Sustainability

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