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Join our team of interns from across the globe and help keep our coastal waters healthy and full of life


Collectively interns put in over 75,000 hardworking hours a year working on fascinating projects


We’ve hosted over 1200 interns since starting this program


We have accredited internships with more than 1350 colleges and universities


Virtual interns have come from 45 countries

What Our Interns Say

“Seaside is a great environment to work in as you are always surrounded by people with diverse backgrounds and interests. There has been so much that I have learned just from the interns around me, and at the end of the day I always feel enriched in ways that I wouldn't anywhere else.”

- Josh Sheridan

"...Being a self-starter is extremely important for this internship. This has become the main take away from my experience with Seaside which has taught me to not be afraid of asking questions or to bring out my own thoughts. This is definitely an important skill to have for future careers."​​

-Kathy Hu

"Seaside Sustainability's internship program is hands-down one of the best in the nation, which is why we have more than 50 interns at any given point throughout the year. Our dedicated interns hail from 20 different countries, speak more than 15 different native languages, and put in a combined total of 10,000 hard-working hours a year working on fascinating projects. Our interns do lots of meaningful work that allows them to gain invaluable experience and encourages members of the community to build and nurture a relationship with the local land and seascapes. All of our hard-working interns are professionally mentored and supervised by our diverse staff! At Seaside Sustainability, we truly love our interns and are thankful for all of their hard work that has made our internship program one of the best in the country!"

-Eli Kurlander, Intern

"Everything I worked on was either directly or indirectly relevant to my goals. Grant writing has been a fantastic way to get more familiar with Seaside Sustainability’s programs while learning important non-profit funding strategies. I’ve learned a lot about developing grassroots initiatives, supporting citizen science, and measuring sustainability. I hope I get a chance to see the different projects grow and make a positive impact."

- Intern at Seaside

"Working with Seaside has been an eye-opening experience. With every project I learn something new, and it is flexible enough to work into a busy schedule. I appreciate all the skills I’ve accumulated so far, and I look forward to seeing how I can use them in the future.” 

- Samantha Raingar

“This is a great internship experience. I learned a lot of stuff from Eric and all the people who work on the same job. The two-tier marketing strategy was a great lesson from Eric, and it can give me idea in my future career.”

- Chia Kang Lu

"By becoming involved with an engaged and excited non-profit, entrepreneurial start-up, I have gained invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge that will help me pursue sustainability policy work in the future as a young professional.”

- John Dello Ruso

“I went out of my comfort zone the first night with helping to write a grant. I was taught how to problem solve. Eric always believed I could figure something out and most of the time I actually could even if I didn’t think so at first.”

- Kayla Leonard

"From the first day to the last, I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of progressive projects with an unbelievably talented and diverse group of like minded individuals. It was a pleasure to contribute to work that is aimed at making meaningful strides in helping to protect and heal a planet that we all share an equal passion for. At all points throughout my internship I felt that I was in good hands, surrounded by knowledgeable colleagues ready to answer any questions I may have thrown at them.


I am happy with the progress that has been made during my time here, and am excited to watch where it goes after I leave. The genuine passion, enthusiasm, and expertise that the interns of Seaside provide make for a perfect foundation of what is needed to instill positive change in the world, and I am confident in this organization's ability to do just that."

- Evan Petrillo, Seabin sales team

"I feel like I received the right amount of guidance and support during the internship. I had regular phone and video calls, which gave me proper guidance and support for my tasks."

- Vandana Venugopal


"I loved working on the school sustainability evaluation! It gave me a great introduction to my field of study and a chance to practice professional writing."

- Intern at Seaside

"During my six months at Seaside, I had the opportunity to take on multiple leadership roles, enhance internal strategy and move the marketing team forward. Seaside challenged me to set my team and future teams up for success."

- Daniela Miranda, marketing team

"Being a remote intern requires a good deal of discipline. Interning with Seaside built on my adaptability, my resiliency, and allowed me to get out of my comfort zone. There’s a lot you can do with this internship if you apply yourself."

- Kelly Novinski


"I had so much fun working at Seaside! I was so impressed by how hardworking and dedicated all the other interns are, and I think this organization is doing a lot of outstanding work. I really appreciate how supportive the other interns and board members (John, Ashley and Eric) have been in making sure I gained as much from this experience as I wanted. I am very grateful for everything I have learned about non-profit work and marketing in these past several months and am excited for the opportunities this experience will open up for me in the future."

- Sarah Beckhaus

"There were many things that I couldn’t have imagined taking away from this internship when I first started. My goals in the beginning were to have a professional experience where I could use my computer science skills to help Seaside Sustainability. However, currently, I’ve noticed that professional environment is also based on collaboration and casual formalness which shattered my belief that a professional workspace is a serious, boring work environment with a cutthroat competition. The main things I will be able to take from this internship would be researching skills, and a strong work ethic that makes me give my highest performance.

Eric is very helpful, and always available whenever I have a question. He tailors all of my assignments based on my interests and is a great mentor.

I would recommend this to anyone who has enough time to devote to this internship fully. Seaside is such a great experience to have where there is a visible learning curve and guidance throughout. It makes it all the more fun."

- Aadya Jain

"The past five months at Seaside Sustainability have been wonderful. This organization is filled with people with an incredible amount of knowledge, ingenuity, and most importantly, heart.

I appreciate that as interns, we're never limited to the roles we have past experience in. We're encouraged to join projects and learn from them as we go, and if we get stuck, then we have a whole support group of other friendly interns, management fellows, and board members ready to lend a hand.

You never feel like you are working on a filler assignment or busy work. It's very clear that everything you're working on has a positive impact and is extremely exciting! I have no doubt that this internship has helped me grow as a professional in the sustainability field."

                                               - Loreanna San Pedro