Join our volunteers of all ages to keep our seas clean and full of life


Our programs and initiatives encourage members of the community, young and old, to build and nurture a relationship with the local land and seascapes. Join Seaside Sustainability for any season, or during breaks in your school schedule, to explore a myriad of internship opportunities, relevant to almost any future interest.  

Seaside will provide opportunities for practice and refinement of many skills inherent to an internship position, including how to:

  • Engage in a work environment (both in and out of the office) and present oneself professionally

  • Write professionally and research effectively

  • Navigate career-based decision making 

  • Practice self-direction, self-sufficiency & critical thinking

  • Verbal communication skills in face-to-face and phone meetings

  • Hands-on experience in a fast paced start-up setting with constantly changing tasks


You don’t have to be based in MA to be an intern, we support local and virtual interns. Our interns have come from more than 1200 accredited colleges and universities and more than 20 countries!

This internship is one of the best! We have a ratio of 45:1 applicants to hires and over 150 interns annually. Combined, our interns have put in over 55,000 hours on exciting projects each year!


Collectively interns put in over 55,000 hardworking hours a year working on fascinating projects


We have accredited internships with more than 1200 colleges and universities


We’ve hosted over 500 interns since starting this program


Virtual interns have come from 20 countries

Are you a good fit for Seaside Sustainability? 

At Seaside Sustainability, we work on a wide array of local, regional, and national programs and initiatives, which create real-world problem-solving opportunities that are interesting, diverse, and stimulating! Our work environment is incredibly fast-paced and projects are ever-changing, so interns learn first-hand how to be adaptable and flexible on the job. Our interns are never bored because they’re always given REAL and MEANINGFUL work.


All internships allow personal engagement with hands-on and exploratory work, which makes the Seaside experience incredibly rewarding. Interns are encouraged to be creative and to think critically about the initiatives they get to explore. All contributions are valued and utilized in Seaside’s decision-making process. Intern ideas never go unheard, and their work is directly applied to real-time projects. As a result, interns are able to make an immediate impact on the organization.


“Seaside is a great environment to work in as you are always surrounded by people with diverse backgrounds and interests. There has been so much that I have learned just from the interns around me, and at the end of the day I always feel enriched in ways that I wouldn't anywhere else.”

- Josh Sheridan

"...Being a self-starter is extremely important for this internship. This has become the main take away from my experience with Seaside which has taught me to not be afraid of asking questions or to bring out my own thoughts. This is definitely an important skill to have for future careers."​​

-Kathy Hu

What Our Interns Say

What will you do?

Interns will not be limited to just one role; we encourage each intern to take advantage of the opportunity to explore a variety of roles and responsibilities. Seaside also provides the chance for interns to work as Intern Managers or Project Managers. Both positions allow interns to build team management experience and deepen the scope of their work. Most projects are team-based, so interns at all levels will have access to regular feedback from their peers and supervisors, so that they can contribute their best work.


Check out the widely diverse opportunities we offer here!