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Learn about how Seaside Sustainability supports the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

Our team at Seaside Sustainability works to achieve the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Green Scholars:

Our award-winning project-based learning curriculum is built on the foundations of project management, leadership, and sustainability. Students undertake a hands-on project with real-world outcomes that directly benefit schools, districts and/or communities.

Seaside Sustainability works to meet the Sustainable Goals set by the United Nations as a universal call to action to protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Legislation and Advocacy:

We promote education, advocacy, initiatives and cooperation with legislative bodies across the nation, states and local municipalities to support new legislative proposals and to ask for change in existing laws/regulations/rules as the climate crisis intensifies.

Marine Science and Technology:

We take action through educational opportunities to help shape the minds of our youth in hopes for a sustainable and clean future.

Climate Action:

We advance climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience strategies to help decrease human impact on the environment and preserve the natural systems critical to life on Earth.

Environmental  Justice:

We advance environmental and educational initiatives by including historically disinvested regions and populations to share resources, information, and opportunities to increase community resilience to changing climate factors.

Sustainability Consulting:

We strive to be a premier leader in creating environmentally sustainable schools, businesses and communities by providing education, leadership and resources to make effective change towards going green.

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Blue Technology:

We facilitate the sale and distribution of blue technology devices designed to clean our oceans, beaches, and waterways.

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