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Sunset Sailboats

Sail Recycling

Turning retired sails into sustainable products to fund the protection of our water-based ecosystems.

About the Program

We are an international organization dedicated to clean waterways  and sustainable solutions through all of our programs. We recycle sails to support our internationally successful programs by converting your old sails into sustainable products.

Fill Out Donation Form

Be sure you have checked your sail for "severe damage" and fair market value before filling out the form (see below for more info). 

We'll Contact You

A representative from Seaside will contact you to discuss the next steps and delivery options available.

Receive Donation Letter

We will email you a pdf version of the donation letter to confirm your donation.

How It Works

Nautical Rope

Non-Profit Tax Deductible Donation

We distinguish ourselves from others because we are a non-profit organization that provides donors with a fully tax-deductible donation letter upon receipt of their used sails.

Give Back to the Environment

We are recycling sails to help support our successful programs internationally. Every dollar we raise helps support our programs all around the world.

Why Choose Us?

Calm Waters

Every sail donated supports our global impact.

"I have been holding onto my old sail for years and am happy to have a place to donate it to give it a second life and support Seaside Sustainability's programs.  Win Win Win!  I am telling everyone!

Ron Magers   |  Boater  |  Manchester, MA


The Answers You Need

Severely damaged sails are those that have been infested, or have had unsolicited rodents living within the sail. If you inspect the sail and notice any kind of black or brown pellets and foul odors it may have had rodents seeking shelter at one point in time. 

Severely damaged sails are also those that have an extensive amount of mold. If your sail is stored in damp locations it may have some mold but still be acceptable.

What is considered "severely damaged"?

If you believe your good faith estimate of the fair market value of your sail is over $5000 you will have to get it appraised to evaluate the donation. Below you will find links to some appraisers that we recommend.



You can also email us at if you have any questions or need more help.

What if my sail is worth over $5000+?

We prefer that you ship the sail to us at:

Seaside Graphics,

31 Willow St.

Gloucester, MA 01930

but we will also be in touch about other options we have available to get us your sail!

How do I get my sail to you?

Image by Matt Howard
Recycle Your Used Sails

If your old sail is taking up space and collecting dust we can take care of it and recycle (upcycle) it into sustainable bags that benefit the environment.

Support Small Business

Seaside Graphics is a well-known resource in the brand identity and promotion industry. They design promotional products and marketing campaigns for thousands of companies and brands for over 20 years.

Made in the USA

Custom bags made in Gloucester, MA by your friendly staff at Seaside Graphics!


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