Partners & Sponsors

We utilize the diverse expertise of our partner and sponsor organizations to fully engage our community.

Our partners and sponsors are essential to our growth by providing expert knowledge, financial support, invaluable outreach, collaboration on a wide variety of educational exploration opportunities, and promotion of local awareness about concerning issues.

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StepChange™ has created a line of sustainable clothing including socks and performance shirts made with recycled bottles. With each purchase funds are provided to organizations like Seaside Sustainability who are working to improve our oceans. Together we can MakeWaves of change!

We are proud to partner with StepChange™ Clothing to create a line of performance shirts with our logo. Each shirt is made with 16 recycled bottles and 20% of each Seaside Sustainability branded shirt purchase goes to fund our efforts until December 31st.


Hooked For Life

Hand-drawn art on clothing that emphasizes the beauty of the living nature.

10% of your purchase supports Seaside Sustainability!

Catch ‘em, Love ‘em, Wear ‘em!


Wiser Water aims to build a brand associated with reducing plastic pollution not only through spreading awareness but by providing environmentally conscious consumers with access to trending sustainable products.

Our goal is to develop products that replace the need for plastic while donating 10% of our profits towards Seaside Sustainability.

Support Wiser Water Here:

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We've partnered with SparkUs to create the Seaside Idea Challenge. We hope that our competition based program sparks inspiration for cleaner and more sustainable treatment.

Check out our page and more about the challenge here!


Our Sponsors


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