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Facilitating the Distribution of

"Blue Tech" Devices

What is Blue Technology?

Blue technologies are marine debris intervention devices that will help remove waste from our oceans, beaches, and waterways. These innovative devices and systems are designed to monitor and clean our oceans without harming marine ecosystems.

Introduce and Educate 

While Blue Technology is not a fool-proof solution to the marine debris problem, it can prevent more waste from polluting our waterways while simultaneously educating the public about this issue and why it is important to implement sustainable practices in our daily lives. 

Facilitating Opportunities for Change

Seaside Sustainability’s Blue Tech team acts as facilitators in the sale and distribution of blue technology devices. These devices are useful tools aligned with Seaside's mission, and our goal is to get them into the hands of as many organizations as possible to assist in cleaning up our ocean as well as ensuring they are used for educating the public.

Education is Key

Through the development of an educational curriculum, the Blue Technology team seeks to build partnerships with various organizations to utilize blue technology as an educational tool. 

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Connecting To A Difference

How do we use Blue Tech?

Seaside Sustainability uses blue technologies to conduct original marine science investigations in order to better understand the specific needs of the Cape Ann and North Shore waterways. These technologies enhance the data we collect and provide new opportunities for marine research.

Behind the Action

We are currently partnering with Searial Cleaners by facilitating the distribution of blue technology devices designed to clean our ocean.