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Educating our youth on how to practice sustainability with direction and purpose

Green Scholars - Our award-winning project-based learning curriculum is built on the foundations of project management, leadership, and sustainability. Students undertake a hands-on project with real-world outcomes that directly benefit schools, districts and/or communities.


The Green Scholars program is a project-based, honors-level middle and high school program encompassing four domains: environmental literacy, professional skills, and project and program management. The curriculum is designed to be effective for kids who thrive with hands-on learning. It also creates opportunities for students to find what interests them and increases engagement with their school. Ultimately, Green Scholars seeks to inspire and enable students to create change in their communities while building a foundation of knowledge that will enable them to do so.​

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Environmental Literacy

This part of the curriculum educates students on the basis of environmental science and the importance of sustainability. The course is divided into 3 main parts: How the Environment Works, Human Impacts on the Environment, and Transitioning to a Sustainable World. With this foundation of knowledge, students will be prepared to execute projects in their community as informed environmentalists. 

Professional Skills

Promotes personal and professional growth by offering guidance and practice with life skills such as: leadership, networking, communication, time management, and creativity. Furthermore, students will learn how to effectively construct a resume and cover letter as well as strengthen their interview and public speaking techniques. 

Project and Program Management

Educate students and teachers on how to successfully design and implement a project in their school or community! This part of the Green Scholars curriculum encourages students to apply their environmental knowledge and professional skills to  create real world change. Through the fulfillment of their projects, students will enhance their communities while building a universally applicable skill set

Green Scholars' Projects Make Waves

The course drives towards the ultimate goal of making schools, districts, cities, and towns more sustainable. Because Green Scholars is based on the experiential education model, the program allows students to manage a real-world project and see the positive outcome of sustainability in their school or community. It includes valid and reliable assessments and an easy-to-follow four-part curriculum. 

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Want to learn more about implementing the Green Scholars program in your school or district?

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Use the Contact form below to send us a message about your needs and ideas. We'll get back in touch soon!

Use the Contact form below to send us a message about your needs and ideas. We'll get back in touch soon!

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