Join our volunteers of all ages to keep our seas clean and full of life


Join our volunteers of all ages to keep our seas clean and full of life


What is the Community Advisory Team?

Seaside Sustainability’s Community Advisory Team members work directly with our Executive Director, Eric Magers, and work alongside Board members, Intern Directors, Management Fellows, other Community Advisors and a large cadre of interns organized in teams to further advance the organization’s goals. 


Seaside Sustainability is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to community engagement, public education, and environmental conservation. We help by promoting public awareness about the importance of environmental health, providing resources to develop problem-solving skills, and engaging as part of a community to take action. We organize our works and initiatives around these areas: plastic mitigation, marine citizen science, sustainability education, and solar energy in the community. We need everyone’s voice in the fight for a sustainable planet and environmental equity. 


If you’re looking to make an impact on working towards the goal of protecting our oceans and communities, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers like you to join our impressive team. This is an opportunity to use your communication and leadership skills to create meaningful environmental change. These are unpaid volunteer positions and can be fulfilled virtually from all over the world! We ask that our Advisors stay for a minimum of one year. Specific roles and responsibilities of Community Advisory Team Members vary by team. 


Common Advisor duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Leading implementation of new management and organizational processes and procedures across the program

  • Delegating tasks to appropriate team members

  • Working closely with the Human Resources team to manage and oversee recruitment for future internship sessions   

  • Collecting and analyzing feedback from interns throughout the program to gauge satisfaction and success

Skills Needed:

  • Good communication with people of all walks of life

  • Leadership skills

  • Experience coordinating groups of people

  • A strong desire to facilitate a positive, hands-on internship experience

Apply for any of these positions below:



John Russo, Community Advisor Marketing Team

When I retired in 2018 I knew I wanted to devote some of my energy to helping a small local non-profit. One that could use my experience to further their mission. In 2019, I visited the Seaside Booth at a Gloucester street fair, where I learned about Seaside's mission and projects from a brilliant young intern. I also met Eric whose passion for the environment and focus on education coupled with action resonated with me. We discussed the opportunities for volunteering, and the rest, as they say, is history. From that chance encounter until now, I've had some of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. Working with Eric, numerous other volunteers and so many amazing young folks, I've had the opportunity to help on a number of projects that matched my skills and interests with the needs at the time. As Seaside has grown and matured as an organization, its mission has only become more important and its work more urgent. That growth has provided numerous and varied opportunities for volunteers and interns who bring a wealth of experience and a shared passion for making a difference. I could not be more proud of what we've accomplished together, and to say that I volunteer with Seaside.

Ashley Desrosiers Headshot (1).jpg

Ashley Desrosiers, Community Advisor Marketing Team

My husband and I moved to Rockport in 2014 and I wanted to get more involved in the Cape Ann community. I chose to start volunteering with Seaside Sustainability because of its energetic, passionate team. I also love that Seaside Sustainability enables its volunteers to take real leadership within the organization - we have so much opportunity for growth in the coming years. One of my favorite parts of volunteering is working with our amazing team of interns. I am blown away by the caliber and talents of the interns who join us from around the globe each year. Seaside Sustainability wouldn’t be what it is without them - our internship program is best-in-class.

Lynn Jackson,
Grants Coordinator

I have always been passionate about environmental conservation and preservation of biodiversity.  When I semi-retired in 2018, I decided to search for a non-profit focused on the environment and educating people to live sustainably on our planet.  I went to a talk that Eric Magers gave on Seaside Sustainability’s mission and projects and I was so excited that I immediately offered to volunteer.  I have primarily been working with interns on the grants team to research, write and submit grant proposals in an effort to bring in funding needed to support all of Seaside’s worthwhile projects and new initiatives.  Working with Eric, absolutely outstanding young interns (who I am sure will change the world) and other dedicated volunteers has truly been a rewarding experience for me.


Chrisalyn Gonzalez, Blue Technologies Advisor

I've always been an advocate for the planet & incredibly passionate about the ocean. Eco-sustainability is a big part of the life I live, and in the aftermath of a pandemic, I was ready to do more. I began working strictly for companies that acted on sustainable grounds; a great start! But, wanting to be on the front lines, I decided to dedicate my free time volunteering with non-profit organizations whose goals aligned with my own. Through this search, I met Eric, whose passion for the environment and sustainability, coupled with action, resonated with me. I'm so humbled to be working with Seaside's intern-led management teams. And the interns! So many bright, fresh-minded interns from all walks of life who've come together to make a very much urgently needed impact. I'm so proud to say I am a Volunteer Advisor with Seaside. I can't wait to see what the future holds for such a dedicated & purpose-driven organization.

Aishwarya Raval.jpg

Aishwarya Raval, Grants Advisor

I am a passionate environmentalist and have worked with nonprofits working towards creating a sustainable world from the beginning of my career. When I came across the opportunity to volunteer with Seaside Sustainability, I immediately reached out to them and spoke with Eric Magers. I was so impressed by the mission of the organization and dedication of the team that I offered to become a volunteer immediately. I currently work with the grants team as an advisor and help the team of fellows and interns in submitting grant proposals for the projects undertaken by Seaside. I have been with the organization since July 2021 and am thoroughly impressed by how dedicated Eric and the team (especially the interns) are to the mission of creating a better world.


Andrea Mariana Galassi,
Blue Technologies Advisor

I have always been interested in the relationship between marine sciences, law and politics. The application of marine policy, waste and resources plans at a transformative level becomes a guiding light for the integration of new technologies not only for tackling environmental and climate challenges but also as an interesting tool for education and conservation. With that in mind, from the beginning of my career I developed a true passion for ocean sustainability which led me to serve as Consultant and Advisor at Governments, NGOs, Think Tanks, UN and National/International Environmental non-profits in the last 15 years. I believe that volunteering to serve the community is not only beneficial to the individuals involved but it is necessary in creating better societies for all. Thus, I am very enthusiastic to join Seaside as Blue Technology Ocean Cleaning Solutions Advisor! I am confident the organization is on the right path to further advance knowledge for innovation in finding solutions while protecting, monitoring and learning about our oceans and promoting respect for our biodiversity.