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Our advisors from around the globe help us to keep our seas healthy and full of life


What is the Community Advisory Team?

Seaside Sustainability’s Community Advisory Team members work directly with our Executive Director, Eric Magers, and work alongside Board members, Intern Directors, Management Fellows, other Community Advisors and a large cadre of interns organized in teams to further advance the organization’s goals. 


Seaside Sustainability is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to community engagement, public education, and environmental conservation. We help by promoting public awareness about the importance of environmental health, providing resources to develop problem-solving skills, and engaging as part of a community to take action. We need everyone’s voice in the fight for a sustainable planet and environmental equity. 


If you’re looking to make an impact on working towards the goal of protecting our oceans and communities, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers like you to join our impressive team. This is an opportunity to use your communication and leadership skills to create meaningful environmental change. These are unpaid volunteer positions and can be filled virtually from all over the world. We ask that our Advisors stay for a minimum of one year. Most Advisors engage in the opportunity for 6-10 hours however there is no maximum. Specific roles and responsibilities of Community Advisory Team Members vary by team. 


Common Advisor duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Leading implementation of new management and organizational processes and procedures across the program

  • Delegating tasks to appropriate team members

  • Working closely with the Human Resources team to manage and oversee recruitment for future internship sessions   

  • Collecting and analyzing feedback from interns throughout the program to gauge satisfaction and success


Skills Needed:

  • Ability to communicate with people from all walks of life

  • Leadership skills

  • Experience coordinating groups of people

  • A strong desire to help facilitate a positive, hands-on internship experience


Community Advisor Position Descriptions

Bookkeeping Advisor

Seaside Sustainability is in search of a bookkeeping clerk to serve as part of the Community Advising Team. This detail-oriented individual has the responsibility of working with interns and the Executive Director in helping to maintain the organization's financial records. Tasks include guiding the team in accurately documenting Seaside’s transactions, assisting with Quickbooks, assisting the Finance Advisor, and producing financial reports. Our platforms include Quickbooks, Stripe, and PayPal.

Skills Required

Organization, attention to details, integrity and transparency, communication, problem-solving skills, tech-savviness, time management, and a way with numbers.

Desired Experience 

An ideal candidate would have strong computational and organizational skills as well as previous bookkeeping experience. 

Business Operations Advisor 

The Business Operations Department aids in the development of products and services that Seaside provides and facilitates partnership development. We are constantly working to develop programs and steward partnerships with external stakeholders to serve our communities effectively. The team also collects and organizes information on all things Seaside by  internal stakeholders. The department aids in maintaining data and relations for corporate and foundation donors and partners while working to pursue new opportunities in those areas. 

Skills Required

Ability to communicate effectively with individuals both in writing and verbally at all levels of the organization. Advanced research skills for collecting information on prospective partners and projects. Writing and copy editing for the purpose of drafting internal and external documents. Experience leading projects and programs of various sizes. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Coaching/Leadership skills. Interpersonal skills.

Desired Experience 

Non-profit operations experience. Donor data management experience. Donor engagement strategies experience. Experience with outreach/business communication. Experience with business/strategic planning. Experience with new business ventures/project start up. Experience with project/program management. Crowdfunding experience. Experience with event planning. 

Blue Technology Ocean Cleaning Solutions Advisor

Seaside Sustainability is in search of a Community Advisor to join our Blue Technology team! The Community Advisor will be attentively coordinating the Blue Technology branch, while guiding the intern management team in strategizing any tracking & investigation of prospective leads. They will also be in an advisory role as the team works to gain sponsorships and grants for the Blue Technologies we represent. The Community Advisor serves as a bridge of communication between the intern-led management team & the board of directors. In addition to this, the Community Advisor is responsible for concluding outbound/inbound partnerships with Blue Technology Companies & Advocates to help further Seaside’s position in this emerging field. The ideal candidate will have a strong research/marketing background, sales background, strong decision-making skills & knowledge of eco-sustainability, & the value of education in solving ecological problems. 

Skills Required

Great professional communication skills and are comfortable building and maintaining partner relationships. Interested in marine debris education. Quick to learn new programs. Detail oriented. Good research skills and critical thinking. HubSpot or other CRM experience is a plus. 

Desired Experience 

Sales and marketing are helpful.  

Climate Action Advisor

The Climate Action department is looking for multiple community advisors to join our subteams! Climate Action is a brand new department at Seaside that is responsible for researching, planning and implementing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies on local, national, and hopefully international scales. We have three teams dedicated to different avenues of climate change action, and are looking for advisors with professional experience in one of our subteam areas:

  • Community Organizing and Outreach: Focuses on outreach and community-building initiatives, and acts as the main point-of-contact when implementing nature-based solutions or renewable energy initiatives in communities

  • Nature-Based Solutions: Focusing on any and all natural climate solutions, including conservation and preservation, sustainable forest management for carbon sequestration, natural coastline and wetland fortification, etc

  • Renewable Energy: Focuses on researching and advancing the renewable energy transition

Skills Required

Highly organized, with excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Fast learner who is comfortable jumping into the middle of a project and can split their focus on multiple tasks simultaneously. Self-starter who can work effectively under minimal direction and also take on specific tasks with established processes. Passionate about finding solutions to the climate crisis, sustainable development, and collective action. 

Desired Experience 

Ideal advisors will bring industry knowledge and expertise to subteam projects, as well as generate ideas for new initiatives or offer guidance on transforming a project plan into an actionable strategy with high positive impact on the climate crisis.

Communications Advisor

The Communications Advisor works with a team of interns to establish Seaside Sustainability’s visibility by maintaining external communication platforms; this includes relationship building with reporters and other similar organizations. Other responsibilities include supporting interns with copywriting, editing, and developing promotional materials for events with other teams. Experience in a marketing or communications role for a company or nonprofit organization as well as balance between attention to detail and being able to look at the bigger picture is essential for this role.

Skills Required

Creativity and writing skills. Strong presentation and communication skills. Knowledge and understanding of communications practices, tools and techniques in social media. Proactive approach to role. Self-motivation and the ability to meet critical deadlines. Project management skills. Ability to delegate tasks.

Desired Experience 

Media relations - developing media lists of target outlets, crafting pitches, writing press releases and establishing/maintaining relationships with reporters and media contributors (including podcast hosts!). Copyediting - reviewing external facing content across communications platforms, including social media channels, blogs, websites and e-newsletters. Social media channel strategy and content creation - developing an organization’s presence on social media, including defining the personality and tone of voice for each channel, overseeing a content calendar, creating compelling content (video, images, etc.) and ensuring regular analytics monitoring of social media performance/community engagement 

Environmental Justice Advisor

Seaside Sustainability is searching for an advisor to provide leadership and expertise in the creation of the Environmental Justice department. The advisor will oversee a cross-functional team of interns to advance current initiatives to promote equity, justice and inclusion in Seaside’s solutions to environmental problems. The advisor will also contribute to the development of new strategic initiatives. A vital component of the environmental justice department will be community relationship building with schools, nonprofits, and businesses. At the core, the advisor will mentor, motivate, and engage with interns to move projects forward and meet department deliverables.  

Skills Required

Strong analytical, written, verbal, social interaction, strategic thinking and practical facilitation, ability to quickly problem solve, passion for community organizing, movement building, and racial, economic and environmental justice. 

Desired Experience 

Knowledge of and experience with environmental justice issues, demonstrated 3+ years of experience organizing in multi-racial, multi-generational, and cross-class settings. 

Sustainable Events Advisor

Events Advisors are responsible for managing all elements of volunteers and volunteering at Seaside Sustainability. Our volunteers range from families engaging in a coastal cleanup, to college students working on a GIS project, to a wide array of potential volunteers in our emerging Senior Corps of Volunteers cohort.  Potential Advisors must have strong communication and management skills, experience coordinating events and people, as well as a desire and ability to work with people from different backgrounds and with varying skills. Common Advisor responsibilities include: communicating with team members about projects, events, campaigns; delegating tasks to appropriate team members; overseeing the delivery of projects, events or campaigns and making adjustments to ensure they are delivered to specifications and high standards; collecting and analyzing feedback from members to gauge satisfaction and success; sourcing and recruiting volunteers. In this position, you will oversee a team of interns. 

Skills Required

Creativity to brainstorm event ideas to engage with sustainability driven people! Ability to work with and support others (internally and externally of our organization) in implementing these events. Strong organizational skills and a keen eye for detail. Resilience and adaptability to overcome challenges while planning and executing an event.

Desired Experience 

Experience in a variety of disciplines could include event management, hospitality, business administration or another related field. 

Finance Advisor

The Finance Advisor maintains accurate, complete financial records for Seaside Sustainability, prepares and presents financial statements to the board, and helps with annual budgeting. This one person job is responsible for ensuring the organization remains in a good financial state. 

Skills Required

Business development skills, research, analytical thinking, interpersonal communication, detail orientation.

Desired Experience 

Requires  a financial and business background, familiarity with finance in a business environment, and an understanding of excel spreadsheets. A CPA, CFO, or CFA are not necessarily required. 

GIS Advisor

Seaside is in search of a GIS advisor to assist and guide ArcGIS projects across multiple teams. Currently, the Marine Science and Education team is using ArcGIS for restoration project tracking, and the Climate Action team is developing an ArcGIS project to track renewable energy adoption. In the future, Seaside hopes to have a variety of GIS projects from various teams. An ideal candidate will have broad experience with ArcGIS mapping and project development. Experience with scientific or climate-related mapping is a plus but not required. 

Skills Required

Excellent communication skills and the ability to keep track of multiple projects at once. Ability to teach or guide less-experienced users. Self-starter who can also work effectively when taking direction from management. 

Desired Experience 

An ideal candidate will have broad experience with ArcGIS mapping and project development. Experience with scientific or climate-related mapping is a plus but not required.

Grant Writing, Research, and Administration Advisor

The Grants Advisor provides oversight for and works with a team of intern writers to identify and write grants for Seaside Sustainability. In this role, you will guide the team through writing and submitting grant proposals, conducting preliminary grant research, and working collaboratively with fellow interns across different time zones and schedules. This position’s responsibilities also include reviewing all grant applications before they are submitted to the funding agency, attending weekly grant writers meetings, and assisting in defining the strategy for writing grants. Successful Advisors display excellent research and writing abilities. 

Skills Required

Strong research and technical writing abilities. Excellent organization, communication, and time management skills. Ability to understand complex instructions. Computer skills. Motivated to take on new initiatives.

Desired Experience 

Writers do not need to have past experience writing grant proposals. Any previous experience in writing, reading, budgeting, or working with grants is a plus. 

Join Us

Sustainability Consulting Advisor

Seaside is looking for Consulting Advisors to help direct our Sustainability Consulting Team. We have worked to create sustainable schools and communities through the implementation of two programs. The comprehensive Self-Evaluation Framework analyzes different aspects in schools to reduce environmental impact and improve overall wellness -- this approach requires understanding  client responses to the evaluation survey and composing a summary report that offers recommendations for initiative components. The consultation services provides a package of relevant resources to clients, assists them in cultivating a community around sustainability, develops a client-specific strategic plan that outlines procedures for sustainability-oriented decision-making, and evaluates client’s ROI potentials. Additionally, our project management curriculum called Green Scholars gives our school clientele the opportunity to include project-based learning curriculum into their school. In each of these approaches, students are in the forefront of research, development, and implementation of initiative-driven action steps, creating a culture of sustainability in their schools. In this position, you will oversee a team of interns in the development of, introduction to, and guidance over each of these programs for our clients. Successful Advisors will have professional verbal and written communication, superior editing skills, project management experience, qualitative and quantitative analysis skills, client identification and outreach skills, and strong relationship building abilities. 

Skills Required

Team player, independent worker, good communication, professional written and verbal skills, self starter 

Desired Experience 

Environmental/sustainability education, business, project management/development, experience in schools and consulting (bonus) 

Green Scholars Curriculum Advisor

The Green Scholars Curriculum Advisor guides a team of interns in researching, writing, and designing resource packages and projects for a project-based learning curriculum in sustainability and leadership, called Green Scholars. The program is separated into four sections: Project Management, Environmental Literacy, Professional Development, and Program Management. This project also includes creating media such as graphics and videos. This curriculum has trained hundreds already and will be developed into a national program. Green Scholars will be available for subscription on our website in 2021. This role requires strong research and writing skills; project development creativity and critical thinking skills. 

Skills Required

Excellent research, writing, and editing. Creativity and Critical thinking. Good organization, project management and product development.  

Desired Experience 

Teaching, writing curriculum or research. A desire to produce curriculum-based content or edit/record audio/video. 

Human Resources Advisor

The Human Resources Advisor serves as the guide for the most conventional and best practices in the field of human resources. You will help to structure the application process and guide interns towards proper evaluation of candidates, while working with them to organize the onboarding processes. You will also ensure that interns are challenged, meeting expectations, enjoying their internships, and are not overwhelmed. In this position, you should have experience with applicants, communications, and/or diversity and harassment training, experience working with partners and clients, interest and experience with the social issues of  environmental degradation.  In this position, you will oversee a team of interns. 

Skills Required

Good problem solving and critical thinking.  Presentation skills. Eager to interact with other teams and fellows. Comfortable with basic administrative skills (Google Workspace, Email) and possess excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Work independently and in a team.

Desired Experience 

Ideal candidates have a combination of education and experience in some related work experience.

Internship Advisor

We are looking for an Internship Advisor to help lead and manage our internship program.  The Internship Advisor is responsible for managing all elements of the internship program, including overseeing the recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding processes. The Internship Advisor will work closely with our Executive Director, Intern Director, Management Fellows, and Human Resources team. The goal of this position is to ensure smooth transitions between internship cohorts, to devise and implement streamlined processes and procedures that aid in the daily management of the program, and help advise Management Fellows in the management of their teams. 

Skills Required

The Internship Advisor should have excellent organizational skills and an ability to prioritize multiple projects. They should be able to work in a collaborative and dynamic environment, and be a big-picture thinker with an attention to detail. They must have strong communication skills and feel comfortable engaging with a seasoned board of directors, as well as inexperienced student interns, and anyone in between. The Internship Advisor should know when to step up and take a more directive role, and when to sit back and offer support and guidance, as they must work with people from many different backgrounds.  

Desired Experience 

Experience in managing large teams or as an educator. Experience with program development and evaluation, particularly in response to feedback. 

Legal Advisor

Seaside Sustainability is looking for pro bono legal services. We are seeking a specialized attorney who can provide legal guidance and advice as our organization executes tasks and objectives to achieve our mission. It is important to have someone on our team who can lead us in the appropriate direction as we work to pass single-use plastic bans, develop partnership and license agreements, and devise educational and consulting programs. We need assistance with developing contractual documents to ensure that our work and partnerships are legally sound. If you are looking for the opportunity to promote positive, environmental change, please consider providing your expert legal service pro bono to Seaside Sustainability, so that we can effectively work to protect waterways and the community. 

Skills Required

Strong written and oral communication, critical thinking, organizational and problem solving skills. They should excel in areas of time management, negotiation, goal-setting and deadlines.

Desired Experience 

Law degree and experience in the law field (in the US). Strong analytical and research skills. Effective interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to work well within a team and individually. 

Legislation & Advocacy Advisor

The Legislation Advisor oversees a small team of interns in the development of short-term and long-term projects focused on lobbying for municipal and state environmental policies, participating in coalitions, and writing guides for distribution among grassroots groups around the country to inform their own legislative efforts. Other responsibilities include communicating with local stakeholders, legislative and executive bodies and other advocacy groups to coordinate legislative efforts and form partnerships to expand Seaside Sustainability’s network. Managing multiple projects under the legislation team requires high levels of communication between management and working groups to maintain scope and focus, as well as strong organizational skills to keep all projects on schedule and maintain reasonable workloads for interns. 

Skills Required

Ability to research and understand complex policy issues. Professional writing and verbal communication for outreach and education efforts. Strong interpersonal skills for relationship building and stakeholder and community engagement. Project development. Ability to take initiation on projects. Strong team player. Critical thinking.

Desired Experience 

Policy and advocacy at the state level

Marketing Advisor

The Marketing Advisor provides oversight for and works with a team of interns responsible for all marketing activities, including Seaside Sustainability’s web presence, social media channels, and general products and services. The main objectives are to present Seaside Sustainability in the best possible light, to expand who we interact with, to grow our audience and reach, and to have a consistent, clear and cogent message. This role requires an understanding of marketing in general, overall leadership management, video editing and graphic design skills, an appreciation for media relations, and social media management (more specifically, familiarity with Hootsuite, Buffer, etc). 

Skills Required

Writing and editing skills. Social media management using Hootsuite. Videography, photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, etc. Knowledge/experience in developing podcast content, production and/or editing. Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization. MailerLite or other email marketing tools. Journalism background, newsletter experience, any public relations experience. Driven, self-starter, independent, strong work ethic. Time management, multitasking, ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Teamwork and the ability to work and collaborate with others on a team.

Desired Experience 

Public relations, graphic design, media relations, social media management, or analytics in a non profit environment

Marine Sciences and Technology Advisor

The Marine Sciences and Technology Advisor supports a team of interns in the creation, development, and implementation of new and existing Marine Science and Technology projects at Seaside Sustainability. One of the most important roles of this advisor is to engage in meaningful discussions with our partners and also help form valuable and mutually beneficial relationships with similarly aligned organizations. You will ensure the projects are in line with our mission and are progressing on reasonable schedules. You will also ensure the quality of work coming out of the intern team is exceptional by reaching out to interns and providing valuable feedback. This position also requires you to weigh in and give input to the board members, which will assist them in decision making regarding projects, partnerships/collaborations, and internal organization structure.  

Skills Required

A suitable candidate will have a good general knowledge of environmental issues with special attention to marine science and ecology. Other skills required include a professional understanding of environmental research, strong communication skills, and the mechanisms behind successful public outreach.

Desired Experience 

Background and experience in science, engineering, education, and management. Must be highly organized, able to oversee multiple projects at a time, and manage many interns. Knowledge of GIS (ArcGIS) is a plus. 

Web & Tech Advisor

With the tech environment constantly evolving, new products and services always hitting the market, and the reliance on our online presence growing, the Web & Tech Advisor serves to keep the Tech Team’s interns motivated, engaged, and prepared for the next big thing. The main team objectives include

  • Management and maintenance of our web site; 

  • Streamlining existing processes to increase efficiency and make tasks easier for other teams and our own team members; 

  • Integrating all of our platforms to be better connected with each other to maintain better records of those engaging with the organization (donors, email list subscribers, grant issuers, web store customers, etc.); and 

  • Continuously evaluating  solutions and platforms that best suit our needs at a low cost. 

This role requires a thorough understanding of: website design/structure; coding and no-code environments; team management and engagement skills; change leadership; project and program management; Agile development practices. 

Skills Required

Customer service experience and mindset. Strong written and verbal communication skills. The ability to learn new technologies. The ability to find creative solutions to a variety of issues. A desire to learn new skills and share them with others!

Desired Experience 

Experience with Wix EditorX. Coding and no-code experience of any kind (Javascript, Zapier, Airtable preferred). Digital marketing skills. Experience with Google Workspace, Trello, and/or Hubspot. Website design and Information Architecture desired. Experience with low code/no code solutions is important. 

Ashley Desrosiers

Communications Advisor

My husband and I moved to Rockport in 2014 and I wanted to get more involved in the Cape Ann community. I chose to start volunteering with Seaside Sustainability because of its energetic, passionate team. I also love that Seaside Sustainability enables its volunteers to take real leadership within the organization - we have so much opportunity for growth in the coming years. One of my favorite parts of volunteering is working with our amazing team of interns. I am blown away by the caliber and talents of the interns who join us from around the globe each year. Seaside Sustainability wouldn’t be what it is without them - our internship program is best-in-class.

Lynn Jackson

Grants Advisor

I have always been passionate about environmental conservation and preservation of biodiversity.  When I semi-retired in 2018, I decided to search for a non-profit focused on the environment and educating people to live sustainably on our planet.  I went to a talk that Eric Magers gave on Seaside Sustainability’s mission and projects and I was so excited that I immediately offered to volunteer.  I have primarily been working with interns on the grants team to research, write and submit grant proposals in an effort to bring in funding needed to support all of Seaside’s worthwhile projects and new initiatives.  Working with Eric, absolutely outstanding young interns (who I am sure will change the world) and other dedicated volunteers has truly been a rewarding experience for me.

Aishwarya Raval, Grants Advisor

I am a passionate environmentalist and have worked with nonprofits working towards creating a sustainable world from the beginning of my career. When I came across the opportunity to volunteer with Seaside Sustainability, I immediately reached out to them and spoke with Eric Magers. I was so impressed by the mission of the organization and dedication of the team that I offered to become a volunteer immediately. I currently work with the grants team as an advisor and help the team of fellows and interns in submitting grant proposals for the projects undertaken by Seaside. I have been with the organization since July 2021 and am thoroughly impressed by how dedicated Eric and the team (especially the interns) are to the mission of creating a better world.

John Russo

Business Advisor, Web & Tech Advisor

When I retired in 2018 I knew I wanted to devote some of my energy to helping a small local non-profit. One that could use my experience to further their mission. In 2019, I visited the Seaside Booth at a Gloucester street fair, where I learned about Seaside's mission and projects from a brilliant young intern. I also met Eric whose passion for the environment and focus on education coupled with action resonated with me. We discussed the opportunities for volunteering, and the rest, as they say, is history. From that chance encounter until now, I've had some of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. Working with Eric, numerous other volunteers and so many amazing young folks, I've had the opportunity to help on a number of projects that matched my skills and interests with the needs at the time. As Seaside has grown and matured as an organization, its mission has only become more important and its work more urgent. That growth has provided numerous and varied opportunities for volunteers and interns who bring a wealth of experience and a shared passion for making a difference. I could not be more proud of what we've accomplished together, and to say that I volunteer with Seaside.

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