With our consulting services, we look to assist you in creating and expanding a culture of sustainability in your school community.

Our Climate Needs Help

 Educating for sustainability has never been more crucial.

Ice caps are melting; water supplies are threatened; heat waves and heavy rains are intensifying; species are becoming extinct, and livelihoods are becoming vulnerable around the world.

Because of our failure to stem the rising tide of climate change, a tide we have so actively helped raising.

Our burning of fossil fuels have added so much greenhouse gas to the atmosphere that our Earth is now being smothered by a thick blanket it has not seen in at least 800,000 years.

That's why we must educate our future generation about sustainability, so they will have the motivation and tools to face the challenge.

And we are here to help you deliver this critical education to your students and school! 

What You Can Get

We help you create a more sustainable school with:

Detailed plans for sustainability initiatives and commitments

Strategies to integrate sustainability into campus life -- in and out of classroom

Professional marketing assistance (PR, social media, awards application and more)

Well-fostered local, regional, and national partnerships

How We Do It

  • Comprehensive assessment of facility and implemented behaviors

  • Stakeholder interview

  • Feedback from evaluation if available

Specify Need

Establish Goals

Foster motivation

Encourage action

  • Initiatives and strategies

  • Cutting-edge educational resources integrated into the curriculum

  • Resources and training to get students recognized for green accomplishments


  • Detailed questionnaire based on US Department of Education’s flagship recognition methodology

  • Analyze current condition of the school as a system and guide future efforts

Our Accomplishments

  • Provided consultation to hundreds of clients around the nation

  • Trained 300+ educators and administrators on the value and implementation of our model

  • Shared day-to-day strategies to green their schools and communities with 1500+ students (in person, not via social media)

  • Presented more than 50 times both nationally and internationally

  • Participants honored with more than 75 state, regional, and national awards for exemplary sustainability education work

  • Recognized twice at the White House


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