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Now accepting Guest Blog submissions!

Are you passionate about sustainability and environmental science? Do you want your writing to be published alongside other high quality, well-researched pieces? We are excited to announce that Seaside Sustainability is now accepting Guest Blog submissions!


We have created the following submission process for your convenience:

  1. Fill out a Pitch Form. This form includes questions regarding the topic of your piece and the references you intend to use.

  2. If your piece is a good fit for our blog, we will reach out to you with a separate form where you can submit the full blog post, alongside any additional information.

  3. Once our team proofreads and fact-checks your submission, we will send it back to you for final approval.

  4. The edited, finished blog will be published and shared with you.


Guest Blog Guidelines:

  • Ensure your submission is about an environmental subject or theme related to Seaside's work and past blogs 

  • Word count: Roughly 1,200 words

  • Write something unique, exclusive, and not published elsewhere

  • Do not plagiarize or use AI 

  • Well-researched, evidence-based content

  • Short sentences, well-spaced paragraphs for easy online reading

  • Proper sourcing with hyperlinks to credible studies and news outlets

  • Include images that you own the rights to and/or are in the public domain 

  • Ensure spelling and grammar are accurate and professional 

  • Use conversational tone (engaging, include proverbs, questions, sometimes even humor)

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