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Blue Technology- FIFISH Underwater Drone

By- John McGeough


Blue technology devices are designed to clean our oceans, beaches, and waterways. Blue tech encompasses a wide range of technologies and applications, including underwater robotics, autonomous vehicles, sensors, data analytics, renewable energy sources, desalination, marine biotechnology, and sustainable aquaculture practices. Blue tech plays a crucial role in advancing ocean exploration, conservation, resource management, and the development of solutions to address challenges such as climate change, and marine pollution. Seaside Sustainability assists with the facilitation and sale of blue technology devices. In particular, Seaside Sustainability has partnered with Serial Cleaners to assist with education and introduction of devices, as well as using blue technology for marine science investigations in Massachusetts. Some examples of blue technology devices include the BeBot, PixieDrone, Invisibubble, and the Collec’Thor. These four devices, designed by Serial Cleaners are particularly useful for monitoring and cleaning marine ecosystems without harming wildlife. Another blue technology device that is very versatile and useful for monitoring and cleanup projects among other purposes is the FIFISH underwater drone. 

The FIFISH by QYSEA is an underwater drone designed for easy underwater filming possibilities. This drone has 360 degree freedom of mobility and can be used for a variety of projects such as underwater filming and photography, ocean exploration, recreation and leisure, aquaculture and fishing, maintenance and inspections, and law enforcement operations. The FIFISH underwater drone is very versatile, with a number of features allowing for cinematic clarity at low light settings and crystal clear color enhancement. The drone can be controlled with a virtual reality headset simply by moving your head. Within the topic of marine debris, the FIFISH is a powerful tool that can be used to survey and observe any parts of the ocean, even those inaccessible to divers or murky waters that may have very low visibility. With easy controls, versatile usage, and cinematic clarity, the FIFISH can be used to observe and track marine debris.

The FIFISH is available in 8 different model variants designed for consumer, professional, and enterprise grade projects. Three in particular are the base model V6 designed simply for observation, the V6 S, and the EXPERT. The V6 S comes with a 60% higher battery capacity, a fully powered robotic arm and is designed for more professional purposes featuring abilities to salvage, drop, drag, and tow heavy objects. The FIFISH EXPERT retains the perks of the V6 S along with an extensive variety of tools for inspection, measurement, navigation, and water quality testing. The EXPERT package would be especially useful for both marine debris observation and cleanup. The consumer category features the base model V6, V6s, and V-Evo. The professional category features the V6 EXPERT, and E-GO. The Enterprise category features the PRO V6-PLUS, PRO W6, and the PRO ZEN1. Different models can be easily customizable by purchasing a variety of add on tools. 

Within the topic of marine debris cleanup  and blue technology, the FIFISH can be used for a variety of purposes, from simple filming to professional and enterprise grade underwater projects. To learn more about this great product, check out Qysea’s website! (Qysea, 2023.)


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