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Blue Technology Presents: PixieDrone by Searial Cleaners


The Searial Cleaners, committed to environmental preservation, has developed a range of innovative products including the BeBot, Collec’Thor, PixieDrone, and InvisiBubble, which are each designed to combat marine waste in diverse locations with various methods. The PixieDrone, is a controllable device that skims the surface of the water collecting floating waste of all types. This includes organic, plastic, glass, metal, tissue paper, and rubber wastes, Similarly to the Collec’Thor, the targeted scope for this device are harbors, marinas, rivers, lakes, and ponds. These particular environments tend to be riddled with wastes of all kinds due to large amounts of human traffic, and closed current systems. The PixieDrone can be remotely controlled or operate fully autonomously. The autonomous feature in particular allow the device to target specific routes or areas that commonly are found to contain large amounts of waste. The device features a convenient web app, that allows you to set a route or control the device. The PixieDrone, as well as the many other innovative products designed by Searial Cleaners allow for seamless user friendly strategies to address and combat the global issue of marine debris. This global issue originates from land and ocean-based activities and pose serious threats to marine life and industries worldwide.


The PixieDrone is fitted with a number of specifications making it perfect for efficient waste collection. The PixieDrone features a top speed of 3 km/h, basket capacity of 160 litres or 60 kg, and 6 hours of operation off of one charge. The total charging time is 5 hours. The PixieDrone can be run autonomously or with a remote control app. It is also fitted with a camera and LIDAR technology to easily avoid obstacles, and further adding to its autonomous abilities. The camera range is 300 meters, and the remote control range is 500 meters. The LIDAR technology has a range of 30 meters. The device can operate in fresh, salt, or brackish water. The requirements for operation are a maximum wave height of 0.5 meters, max water speed of 3 km/h, max wind speed of 40 km/h, minimum water depth of 30 cm, and temperature range between -15 c and 50 c. These requirements make the device best fit for calm waters of marinas, rivers, lakes, ponds, or protected marine environments. The PixieDrone comes in two different models, Model A, and Model M. The model a version is specifically designed to be controlled autonomously as well as an option to be remote controlled. A specific route or area can be set for the device to swim in. The model m must be remote controlled manually by the webapp. Both models can be configured to collect water quality, depth, and temperature data that can be viewed on RanMarine Connect SaaS platform for analysis and visualization.


More comprehensive product information and specifications can be found in the links below:


The PixieDrone was developed by a Searial Cleaner partner called RanMarine. RanMarine is a company that designed and developed a very similar product line called the WasteShark. This product's technology is used by Searial Cleaners to power the PixieDrone. Both Searial Cleaners and RanMarine are companies in which specialize in protecting water and aquatic ecosystems. Searial Cleaners in particular have developed their 4 products, the BeBot, Collec’Thor, PixieDrone, and InvisiBubble to create a comprehensive solution for shoreline waste collection. 80% of marine waste comes from human activity on earth, Plastics represent 75% of marine waste, and the time to act is when waste is on the shoreline. Waste must be collected at the shoreline, or before entering more open water environments. The 4 products work together to keep waste near the shoreline, where they can be easily collected. The InvisiBubble works as a barrier to trap waste in confined areas like harbors in marines. The BeBot works to clean up waste left on the shoreline, or waste that is washed onto the shoreline. The PixideDrone can cruise around the harbor collecting any waste that is trapped in the confined space. The Collec’Thor trapped to any type of floating dock can collect any waste that is dragged through the device by winds or currents. These 4 products work together to collect waste at the source, and prevent waste from entering open water environments.


To learn more about the Searial Cleaners, or RanMarine click the links below!

(Searial Cleaners, 2023)

(RanMarine, 2023)


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