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Clean Hydrogen

The rise of greener energy has been a topic of debate as several countries attempt to find solutions to combat climate change. When it comes to convenience, electrical energy is the easiest to control, transport and convert into heat and work at high efficiency. The only issue is that it cannot be stored in large quantities. 

The alternative energy of the future is looking at hydrogen energy. Hydrogen energy has been lauded as a potential clean fuel to replace conventional fossil fuels for several decades now. However, countries like Japan and Germany are scaling up the use of hydrogen and setting ambitious targets. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that, similar to oil or gas, acts as a chemical energy carrier which can be moved to where it is needed. The hydrogen reacts with oxygen and when in a fuel cell, it allows for the production of heat energy and electricity, leaving only water as a by-product. Hydrogen’s popularity arises from the variety of domestic resources, such as biomass and nuclear power, that can be used to produce it. The transition toward hydrogen and away from fossil fuels has been gaining momentum in several countries such as Germany and Japan. 

In the U.S., New Mexico has introduced a draft of the Hydrogen Hub Act. This bill includes subsidies which will allow for the growth of a new industry. The push for the bill is being proposed by new entrepreneurs and old fossil-fuel companies that want to see the implementation of hydrogen energy. While many believe hydrogen is the future due to its abundance, others are skeptical and worry about the expenses that will come along with it. To hear more about hydrogen and the arguments for and against it, check out The Energy Podcast.


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