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How to Continue Sustainable Practices During the Pandemic

Written by: Grace Girzadas


With new restrictions in place, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to change their sustainable habits and lifestyle choices. However, we can still do our part to the environment during this complex time! Here are a couple of ways you can continue to be sustainable: 

1. Shop Locally

While the weather is still warm, take advantage of local farmer’s markets. Food sold at the farmer’s market is often packaged with less plastic and single use packaging than a traditional grocery store. Plus, the food is often grown locally and it is a great way to support small businesses and vendors! 

2. Cook at Home

Not only is cooking fun and a great activity to do while social distancing, it will save you money and help to reduce waste! Restaurant takeout meals are often heavily packaged in single use containers that can be difficult to recycle. Meals made at home allow you to work with ingredients you might already have in your fridge or pantry, and can be served sustainably with reusable plates and cutlery! 

3. Bring Your Own Reusables When Possible

If you are going to be eating on the go or ordering takeout from a restaurant, bringing your own set of reusable utensils to eat with is a great way to avoid the plastic packaged forks and knives that usually come with take-out food. Or, when on the go, bring a full, reusable water bottle with you to avoid purchasing disposable plastic bottles.

4. Consume Less

If anything, being mindful of your overall consumption is a great way to avoid unnecessary waste. Using what you already have at home and making conscious purchasing decisions will help to both save money and help to reduce waste that might otherwise be placed in landfill. 

Although it might seem easy to think that COVID-19 has interrupted all of our sustainable practices, there are still so many ways to be a steward to the planet. Hopefully these tips will allow you to consider how you are continuing to do your part during this complex time! 


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