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Inspiring Podcasts to Help You Learn About Sustainable Living

Written by: Grace Girzadas


Calling all podcast lovers! No matter where you might be on your personal journey to sustainable living, podcasts are a great way to get inspired and learn about a wide variety of topics. Here is a list of six podcasts that will inspire you to live a more sustainable lifestyle! 

1. Zero Waste Life Hacks Podcast: If you are new to a sustainable or zero waste lifestyle, this is the podcast for you! It’s hosted by Sofia Ratcovich, owner of the zero-waste consulting company Zero Waste Co., and Michele Sinclair, a musician and DJ with a passion for sustainability. Each episode has an exciting guest speaker to discuss a different zero waste topic. A great place to start for beginners looking for simple sustainable solutions. 

2. How to Save a Planet: This podcast is a great option for those interested in learning more about climate change and the different scientific solutions to fixing it. Listen to scientist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Journalist Alex Blumberg dive into a conversation about what it takes to address climate change, and how to create a better future for ourselves. 

3. The Minimalists Podcast: Hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus talk about their journeys to living a minimalist lifestyle, and provide solutions to help inspire their listeners to live with less clutter and stuff. Episodes range from simple home solutions, such as how to declutter certain spaces in your home, to deeper discussions about how to live a more intentional lifestyle. 

4. Green Dreamer: The Green Dreamer Podcast is hosted by Kamea Chayne, with each episode featuring guests who are inspiring and influencing environmental change through their platforms or careers. Topics range from discussing climate change, talking about environmental justice, activism, or sustainable businesses - just to name a few. No matter what environmental topic you are interested in, this podcast will have something for you. 

5. WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press: Claire Press is the sustainability editor for Vogue. In this podcast, she dives into everything related to sustainable fashion. She discusses a wide range of topics including supply chains, chemicals in fabrics and dyes, capitalism, fashion advice, and even environmental news. If you are curious about the impact of fashion on the planet, this podcast is a great resource to learn more.

6. The Slow Home Podcast: With seven seasons, this podcast has a vast selection of episodes discussing how to “slow down” your lifestyle. Brooke McAlary, the founder of, talks about how to reduce stress and change your lifestyle to help you live more simply. Her topics range from zero waste living, creating a work-life balance, and managing stress. No doubt this podcast will help you feel relaxed and inspired to rethink the fast-pace of your lifestyle! 

We hope you check out these podcasts and share with friends and family! Hopefully they can inspire you to learn about some new environmental topics and rethink your own sustainable habits.


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