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Intern Spotlight: Anja Westhues

This week we will be featuring Anja Westhues as our intern spotlight!

Anja is currently a rising sophomore at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she is creating her own major in climate change, politics, and media. In her spare time, she enjoys running long distances, writing for her lifestyle and food blog, and singing. At Seaside Sustainability, she is the Blog Lead as well as an intern on the Green Scholars and Podcast teams.

Anja’s favorite part of interning at Seaside Sustainability is the balance between content creation and learning new things from those around her. While all of the interns share a passion for sustainability and environmentalism, everyone has different strengths, which promotes an environment of mutual education. Anja chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because of everyone’s shared passion for the environment, and the opportunity to gain professional experience.

After college, Anja hopes to go into policy or law and advocate for changes in the food system that would benefit the environment and marginalized communities.

Thank you for all of your hard work at Seaside Sustainability, Anja!


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