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Intern Spotlight: Anna Cloherty

Written by: Cassidy O'Lear


This week we want to take a moment to highlight Anna Cloherty. Anna is from Rockport, MA and is a senior at Salve Regina University. She is currently pursuing studies in communications and marketing. Anna joined the Seaside Sustainability team in August and has been a vital member of the organization as a Project Manager for the Operations, Analytics & Platform Management team.

Anna chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because she cares deeply for our planet. Growing up in Rockport, MA where the ocean provided her with endless beach days as a kid, a feeling of serenity on difficult days, and a beautiful coastline to walk her dogs along, she realized the oceans are special and in need of protection. Seaside Sustainability has given her the opportunity to learn about protecting our coastal waters and the chance to learn more about topics that interest her personally including climate change and ways to make her life more eco-friendly.

Anna has enjoyed working with everyone at Seaside Sustainability. She is thankful for the unique experience of meeting and collaborating with people from all over the world. Anna has found it inspiring to work with people who are so driven and hardworking! She has enjoyed being able to work in a professional environment but also make a few friends along the way.

Working at Seaside Sustainability has made Anna realize that working at a non-profit is something she’d be interested in. She thinks it's incredibly important to work somewhere where it feels like she’s driving some sort of change and doing something good for the world. Anna will be graduating college this year and hopes to further her professional career in social media and marketing.

We appreciate you and all of your hard work Anna!


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