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Intern Spotlight: Anna de Hostos Barth

This week we will be featuring Anna de Hostos Barth as our Intern Spotlight!

Anna is currently a Project Manager for the Development Team and an Intern for the Seabin Grant Writing Team. She enjoys working at Seaside Sustainability because of its unique collaborative environment, despite currently being remote. Anna enjoys being a part of a team in which everyone works towards a common goal, as she says that it provides her with a sense of purpose in her work.

Anna chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because of its commitment to ocean conservation. She believes that this is the key to saving the planet, and Seaside Sustainability piqued her interest because of its ability to attract those with a similar belief and mindset surrounding sustainability.

Anna hopes to continue her degree in Environmental Science, eventually honing in on marine biology and conservation. She hopes to work for an international organization that furthers a global commitment to the protection of the planet: specifically, the oceans.


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