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Intern Spotlight: Cassidy O'Lear


It’s time for another intern spotlight! This week we’re featuring Cassidy O’Lear! 

Cassidy is from Towaco, NJ and is a recent graduate of the University of Connecticut. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and minors in English and Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, running, and reading.

Cassidy joined the Seaside Sustainability team in August and has enjoyed being a part of efforts to create meaningful change. She has always been interested in marketing and has been passionate about environmental sustainability for a long time. As a Marketing intern and leader of the blog team, she has found a role that allows her to combine two passions into one.

Her time with Seaside Sustainability has been incredibly rewarding. The ability to work one-on-one with board members who have experience in marketing, social media, and nonprofit work has provided mentorship that she feels has been missing from some of her previous internship experiences. It has given her the opportunity to improve her writing, learn about platforms she was previously unfamiliar with, and have the freedom to contribute creative ideas.

Cassidy has plans to pursue a career in marketing and hopes to continue working with organizations like Seaside Sustainability in the future to educate others on climate change, ocean pollution, and other pressing environmental issues. Her time here has made her realize that she would like to continue working with nonprofits either as a career or in a volunteer capacity. Cassidy hopes to encourage her friends and family to become more involved in the fight to save our planet and will use the additional resources she has gained at Seaside Sustainability to educate and inspire them.

Thank you for your hard work Cassidy!


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