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Intern Spotlight: Cassie Pavain

Written by: Krishayla Franklin


Next up in our Intern Spotlight series - meet Cassie Pavain!

Cassie is 20 years old and grew up in Ridgefield, Connecticut. She is in her last semester at Stonehill College where she double majors in Psychology and Environmental Studies. She loves to cook, read, garden, and is learning how to longboard. She is proud to work for Seaside Sustainability so she can put all of her passions for environmental activism to work!

When Cassie was asked what made her choose an internship with Seaside Sustainability, she explained how she loved the flexibility of the hours and how she could acquire many skills. Cassie is currently working as a fellow on the Development team. She is also currently in a Management role in which she helps interview and onboard the new interns with Seaside Sustainability. 

Cassie wishes to take away three important lessons from Seaside Sustainability:

  1. How to communicate better remotely. Although her internship is remote, she can learn to communicate better when working a distance from other colleagues. 

  2. How to better connect with her interns. She feels when she personally works with interns, from when they onboard, she is able to connect better with them. She is hoping to gain that same level of comfort with all of her interns.

  3. How to apply skills from the resources available at Seaside Sustainability. She hopes to learn how to apply skills such as marketing and formal speaking to her professional life.

When asked what work she would like to do once she finishes her internship, Cassie noted she has many plans for her future. She plans to find work in management or potentially help those who take gap years between college to figure out what they can do with their spare time. She knows that she would like to work in the field of sustainability.

Cassie was asked what she felt a future intern could gain from Seaside Sustainability. She explained how future interns will gain as many new skills as they want and stressed the importance of being able to have a flexible schedule. Having interns work for Seaside, from all over the world, they can work at any time. She also explained how you gain contact with board members and Eric Magers, the Executive Director and the value of those relationships. The contact with board members prepares you to speak more professionally and learn many of their skills they have and utilize for Seaside Sustainability. She expressed, overall, that Seaside Sustainability has many resources in many fields of work that interns can jump into if they’d like to. She explained how the interns are not bound to just one job. 

Thank you for all of your hard work Cassie! Your work at Seaside Sustainability will not go unnoticed and we hope you continue to do great things!


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