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Intern Spotlight: Daniela Miranda


Daniela Miranda is our latest intern to be featured on our blog!

Daniela grew up in Acton, Massachusetts, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University. As an undergraduate marketing major, Daniela fell in love with storytelling, though she felt like something was missing from her education. She realized she wanted to get more experience after finishing her marketing degree. She wanted an opportunity that would combine her academic background with her passion: the environment. Additionally, with the pandemic disrupting daily life, she wanted to work in an environment where she would feel safe and comfortable. Daniela joined Seaside Sustainability to do just that and hopes that she can continue to support Seaside Sustainability's mission throughout her time as part of the team. 

Daniela has worked on both our Wix and Google sites and really enjoyed gaining this experience. She enjoys writing blog posts, learning about different aspects of sustainability, and working for a mission she believes in. Even though we're a collective of virtual interns, Daniela says she never feels alone. She appreciates the great opportunity to be able to meet and work with interns from all over the country. Daniela has also enjoyed the leadership opportunities, having recently taken on a role as an Intern Manager. She has found it really easy to find her groove with Seaside Sustainability and seize opportunities to take on more responsibilities.

Daniela has bright plans for the future. She will finish the master's paper she is currently working on discussing transforming urban environments to save money and protect our planet by January 2021. She plans to continue working with Seaside Sustainability through March 2021. Upon graduation in May, her hope is to work in the environmental and sustainability sectors. Seaside Sustainability has allowed her to further explore her passion for the environment and hone the skills she developed during her undergraduate and graduate careers. She hopes to continue her work as a climate activist and educator to do her part in the climate fight! 

All of us at Seaside Sustainability are excited to see where her future takes her, and are thankful for all the contributions she has made to the organization so far!


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