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Intern Spotlight: Grace Bray

This week we will be featuring Grace Bay as our intern spotlight!

Grace is from Rutledge, GA and is in her junior year at George Washington University, pursuing a degree in International Affairs with a minor in Sustainability. In high school, Grace developed a passion for sustainability after watching many documentaries on climate change in her classes. She believes that her experience with Seaside Sustainability will help her continue the knowledge and skills she gained from her coursework to make a positive impact on the environment and in her future career.

Grace chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because she enjoys how the program teaches their interns invaluable skills that will help them in the future. She was impressed by Seaside Sustainability’s mission to educate people about sustainability topics and strive for positive environmental change.

Currently, Grace is on the Green Scholars Team, both as an intern for Environmental Literacy and a Project Manager for Professional Skills. While working on these teams, she has met and worked with many amazing people. She has learned even more about what a career in sustainability would be like.

After graduating next year, Grace hopes to continue a career in sustainability. Working at Seaside Sustainability has helped her to understand the direction she wants to take within her sustainability career. Her role as Project Manager has inspired her to pursue a leadership position in the future.

Thank you so much for being a critical part of Seaside Sustainability’s Green Scholars Team! We wish you the best in your journey to becoming a sustainability leader!


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