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Intern Spotlight: Juan Sandoval

This week’s Intern Spotlight is Juan Sandoval!

Juan is currently a Junior at ASFM High School in Monterrey, Mexico. In his free time, he enjoys hiking through mountain trails, taking pictures of scenic landscapes, walking his dog, and cooking for friends and family. Juan joined Seaside Sustainability this past December and will be working here for the rest of the year!

Juan is currently working as a Project Manager on the Green Scholars Curriculum Development team and as Video Lead intern on the Marketing Team. Juan joined Seaside Sustainability for its flexible, positive virtual internship experience, as well as the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals around the globe who share his passion for sustainability.

Juan’s community in Mexico has been greatly affected by the effects of pollution, and more specifically air quality. His firsthand experience with environmental pollution is what drew him to Seaside Sustainability, and he has enjoyed contributing to an organization that is dedicated to addressing threats to the natural world and restoring ecosystems.

While at Seaside Sustainability, Juan has enjoyed working with interns from around the world who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about making a difference. He admires the mentorship from the experts on Seaside Sustainability’s teams, who are veterans in their field and provide immense insight. Juan enjoys the dynamic atmosphere at Seaside Sustainability and his peers’ willingness to bring something new to the table.

Juan will be applying to college this year, and he hopes to major in environmental engineering or policy. He would love to study in the northeast of the U.S. and would even be interested in attending school in Massachusetts. Juan plans to continue working on similar causes and bringing a positive attitude with him wherever he goes. Juan will forever be grateful for the experiences and knowledge that Seaside Sustainability has given him.

Thank you for the enthusiasm and dedication that you bring to Seaside Sustainability, Juan.


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