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Intern Spotlight: Meredith Moore

This week’s intern spotlight is Meredith Moore!

Meredith is from a small town in Michigan and is currently a sophomore at Smith College in Massachusetts. She is pursuing studies in biology and marine ecology. She dedicated much of her time in high school to working with her community to develop more environmentally sustainable practices in her school district. As an undergraduate student, her passion for protecting the environment has grown immensely.

She chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because of her passion for the health of marine ecosystems and combating the detrimental effects posed by climate change. Seaside Sustainability’s program seemed like a great opportunity for her to expand her knowledge in these areas with the added bonus of helping her to decide what career path she is most interested in pursuing.

Meredith has found her time here has offered more than just insight into the world of sustainability. The best part of interning at Seaside Sustainability has been the ability to join forces with so many passionate and action-oriented people across the world to help create a more sustainable future! On top of this, Meredith has enjoyed gaining skills she never anticipated. She has gained amazing hands-on experience that has taught her so much about environmental policy and insight into developing and managing a nonprofit organization. She has also developed an appreciation for the importance of people staying informed and taking action to protect our environment and precious ecosystems.

Meredith plans to continue to be an advocate for environmental sustainability long after her internship ends. She hopes to pursue a career that is on or near the water, which will allow her to study our marine ecosystems and help to find new ways to protect, preserve and restore them. Meredith has been a large part of helping Seaside Sustainability and will undoubtedly take her new knowledge to the next level in her career. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Meredith!


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