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Partnering with Essex Soap Refill


For Immediate Release October 7, 2020 Ashley Desrosiers 302-632-0782 SEASIDE SUSTAINABILITY AND ESSEX SOAP REFILL PARTNER TOWARDS PRESERVING AND PROTECTING OUR OCEANS GLOUCESTER, MA- Seaside Sustainability is pleased to announce a partnership with Essex Soap Refill and highlight collaborative efforts to preserve and protect the environment. Both Gloucester-based companies will use their ties to the Cape Ann community to drive a shared passion for the environment. Essex Soap Refill’s mission is to reduce the use of single-use plastics by offering a refill service for home, body, hair care and cleaning products, utilizing reused personal containers.

By eliminating the need to purchase new containers and packaging, Essex Soap Refill brings awareness to the plastic pollution problem and helps consumers to change their buying behaviors to more sustainable, environmentally-friendly habits. Seaside Sustainability, an ethical non-profit, is driven by conserving the oceans and protecting marine wildlife. As a leading non-profit organization, Seaside Sustainability strives to improve the environment by stressing its mission of action through education.  With joint passion and partnership, Essex Soap Refill and Seaside Sustainability will work together to bring awareness to ongoing environmental issues. Action, a key principle of Essex Soap Refill and Seaside Sustainability, will drive its partnership to instigate change and community involvement. Education and collaboration will push this partnership to inspire local communities to practice sustainability, consumer responsibility and take action towards protecting and preserving the environment. This strong partnership will drive action through education and change through adjusting habitual consumer behaviours.   Essex Soap Refill is committed to support the mission of Seaside Sustainability by donating a percentage of Essex Soap Refill’s profits. Not only does a refill by Essex Soap Refill reduce plastic pollution, each refill purchase will also help solve its pollution problem through action and education provided by Seaside Sustainability. About Essex Soap Refill and Seaside Sustainability Essex Soap Refill was founded in 2020 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Essex Soap Refill aims to reduce plastic pollution, specifically single-use plastics, by allowing consumers to refill personal containers. All earth-friendly and sustainable products continue to provide consumers with ethical options while inspiring change. Learn more at Seaside Sustainability, started in Gloucester, Massachusetts, was founded in 2017. Seaside Sustainability is a non-profit started with the mission to protect our coastal waters through education and action.  Seaside Sustainability continues to dedicate its resources and efforts to instigate action and change in the community. 


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