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This Month in Climate Change History: June 2021 was the Hottest June on Record for the U.S.

According to NOAA, “Exceptional heat waves from coast to coast helped push June 2021 to the No. 1 spot on the list of hottest Junes on record for the U.S.”

“An event such as the Pacific Northwest 2021 heatwave is still rare or extremely rare in today’s climate, yet would be virtually impossible without human-caused climate change,” according to a study published by the World Weather Attribution.

  • The extreme heat also resulted in wildfires and worsening drought conditions. According to the June 29 U.S. Drought Monitor report, around 47% of the contiguous U.S. was in drought which was up from the beginning of the month when it was nearly 44%.

  • Many experts believe that extreme heat waves, droughts and wildfires will continue to occur as long as people continue to warm the planet through carbon emissions and burning of fossil fuels.


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