Traveling Through Time: Chebacco Lake Watershed’s History

Written by: Gabriela Alba and Alyssa Mahoney


Between the rural-suburban town of Hamilton and the coastal town of Essex, Massachusetts lies Chebacco Lake, the largest of five bodies of water that form the Chebacco Lake Watershed. Throughout time, Chebacco Lake has been the center of a rich and meaningful history. This 209 acre body of water has provided a home to community members and aquatic species, generated economic activity, and offered a space for community gatherings. The history of the lake and the story of its people is what brings together organizations like Seaside Sustainability to help begin improvement efforts on the Chebacco Lake Watershed and Alewife Brook this spring. From serving as a space for the first Native American settlements to community gatherings and conservation efforts, here are some of the most notable highlights throughout Chebacco Lake history.