Aqua Drones

Aqua Drones

Aqua Drones

Aqua Drones like the BluePhin are remotely operated robots that gobble up waste in the calm waters of harbors and marinas. The benefit to Aqua Drones is that they are safer than manually using boats, and can target artificial pieces of marine debris. 

The BluePhin 

The BluePhin is an automatic and remote controlled waste-collecting robot (“harbor Roomba”) that uses its advanced technologies to search and hunt plastic materials, microplastics, algae, and other marine pollution debris. 

Here at Seaside, we are excited to be part of BluePhin's pilot program, using their technologies in our local environment to provide real-life feedback while making our waters cleaner at the same time. This technology would be deployed for a pilot project testing and research in local harbors and other local waterways along the North Shore of Massachusetts, starting in Gloucester Harbor.

The BluePhin has two main operation functions: marine debris and water quality testing. Once deployed, the BluePhin will collect floating marine debris from the water to keep the harbor clean and prevent the plastic from sinking or moving further into the ocean. Additionally, the BluePhin will perform multi-mission water quality sensing by collecting important data on the water’s longitudinal health and quality such as pH, depth, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, and the amount of sodium, chloride, magnesium, sulfate and calcium in the water.

BluePhin Technologies is a great example of who Seaside looks to dedicate to support: innovative inventors of the future. With their dedication for sustainability and a cleaner future, we are proud to collaborate with them as they begin to launch their product.

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