Cape Ann Maritime Partnership

Cape Ann Maritime Partnership

Cape Ann Maritime Partnership

The Cape Ann Maritime Partnership (CAMP) has been an instrumental key to create relationships and teamwork in local organizations to coordinate efforts that better our marine ecosystem. 

We are proud to announce a partnership between NOAA’s Marine Debris Program members, USCG members, Maritime Gloucester, Seaside Sustainability, Gloucester's Clean City Commission members, and One Ocean One Love.  We have one goal in mind: eradicate marine pollution. This issue affects our economy, our landscapes, and worst of all, helpless marine life. In order to attack this problem, it needs a full court press. Our project will not only collect pollution, but educate the public. 

Our plan is to install one Seabin (The Seabin Project) and one Marine Skimmer (Marine Accessories) into Gloucester Harbor. They will collect marine pollution 24/7, all year long.

There is also real opportunity for marinas in the area that have a fuel pier such as the Seabin and Skimmer. These units provide suction 24/7, and have the ability (with oil absorption pads) to collect spilled gasoline, diesel, and detergents. We at CAMP are looking into the “Clean Marina” project in other states like Rhodes Island as well, where marinas who take action on projects like this are recognized for their efforts.

CAMP is looking to partner with marinas and businesses throughout the region. We are offering several levels of opportunities for you to both help in our efforts and gain a unique, inspiring, advertising opportunity. Your company’s name will be front and center on our units and the signage installed next to them. Thanks to our partner and fiscal sponsor, Seaside Sustainability, any donation made to our cause is tax deductible.


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