Each year 1.4 billion pounds of plastic enter our ocean, some visible to us, and some not. Because of the ocean’s often hostile environment, plastics that enter the ocean don’t always stay intact, rather they break apart into smaller pieces that can be easily ingested by marine animals. For this reason, Seaside Sustainability is working to do extensive research on the on prevalence of these plastics in our local marine environment; hopefully gaining information that can be shared with the public for education and community awareness.

Our Work

Working under a NOAA grant and in collaboration with UMASS Boston, Maine Lobster Foundation, Endicott College, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, the Eight Towns of the Great Marsh, and Cohasset Center for Coastal Research Studies, Seaside conducts trawls all around Cape Ann. Findings will be available in spring of 2019.


A note from Seaside Sustainability

Although the name may be misleading, this app is not specific to marine environments and can be used anywhere in the U.S, where there is a body of water or waterway.


  • Trash that is logged will be archived in your own personal database and will also be sent to a larger database in which all the data is stored. One can choose to access his or her own data, or one can receive data that is submitted from all users.

  • When using this app, not only the litter that you picked up would be tracked, but the path that you took and the locations in which you found litter would also be tracked and can be accessed in a map

  • This app was fairly easy to use, but it may require some getting used to since there are giant drop-down menus to categorize the litter. They initially feel cumbersome, but once you familiarized yourself with the items in each menu, it became second nature.




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