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Marine Debris Trawls

Nets are cast off our boats to collect floating marine debris as we performed the trawls.

Sample collection jar being filled after a completed trawl to be transported and analyzed in a laboratory setting.

The samples collected are then analyzed using laboratory facilities to separate and quantify the collected microplastics.

Only debris of a certain size is further analyzed and plastic separated from organic material. After analysis, we found that 16.8 mg of plastic were collected in the Annisquam River and 27.3 mg were collected in the Ipswich Bay. We also analyzed the number of pieces found at each location. We found that there were 16 pieces of micro plastic collected from the Annisquam River, and 10 from the Ipswich Bay. 


Below please see the link to our in-depth protocol, uniquely compiled from various sources. Our protocol consists of safety procedures, an equipment list, survey methodology and quality control procedures: Marine Debris Trawl Protocol