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5 Ways to Approach Shopping Sustainably

How can I approach shopping in a sustainable manner? A simple question with a complex  answer. In regard to fashion, product or life choices, there are solutions. In order to live a more sustainable life you must understand how your choices affect the environment around you. Try these 5 steps to approach shopping more sustainably. 

  1. Think- Before making a new purchase, you should think about whether the new purchase is necessary and beneficial. Purchasing habits have increased due to evolving trends. By quickly purchasing items consumers can form harmful purchasing habits. If more thought is put into buying  an item, the result may be that the intended purchase isn't necessary. 

  2. Research to understand- Research and understanding allow you  to make an informed decision when making an investment. Researching options will provide a deeper grasp of the sustainable shopping options available to you. While understanding the effects that a product will have on the environment, a consumer is able to make a fully informed purchasing decision. The long term effects of a product are rarely thought of after originally purchasing. Understanding is a key part to adjusting your lifestyle because appreciating how your choices impact the environment is just as important as understanding that change will instigate change. 

  3. Substitute- Substitutions are ways to simply adjust a lifestyle. By making simple modifications to  your life, you can still make the ethical choice without giving up your preferences. As the practice of shopping sustainably evolves, the various available options expand. 

  4. Donate- Trends and choices evolve. Donating is a simple and effective option that allows products to continue serving their purpose to a variety of consumers. Donating used items because you want a change or simply do not have a use for it anymore creates both a positive change and helps build a healthy habit. 

  5. Utilize all local options- Shopping locally is an effective way to support a community while keeping production local. Purchasing local allows a consumer to mitigate the extensive transportation methods. It provides close options for a consumer to purchase while supporting their community and environment.

Though a major change in your consumption habits does not happen overnight, taking these steps will ease the process along. With time and effort, you can develop an appreciation for the positive results that come from shopping sustainably. Small adjustments to how and why you consume can have a major impact on the environment.


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