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Blue Technology presents: Collec’Thor by Searial Cleaners


The Searial Cleaners, committed to environmental preservation, has developed a range of innovative products including the BeBot, Collec’Thor, PixieDrone, and InvisiBubble, which are each designed to combat marine waste in diverse locations with various methods. The Collec’Thor specifically targets solid and liquid waste on water surfaces, ranging in size from as large as plastic bottles to as little as hydrocarbons. This makes it ideal for harbors, marinas, rivers, and lakes, where heavy traffic often leads to waste accumulation. The device can be strategically positioned at docks to efficiently collect trash, addressing the global issue of marine debris that originates from land and ocean-based activities and poses a serious threat to marine life and industries worldwide.


The Collec’Thor boasts specifications tailored for efficient waste collection, requiring installation in low-wake areas or calm freshwater bodies. Featuring a pump flow of 32,000 liters per hour and a pump power of 750 watts, it can hold up to 100 kilograms of waste before needing emptying. With its ergonomic design and low maintenance requirements–including one oil change per year, pump maintenance every 2-3 weeks, and basic cleaning with a pressure washer–the Collec’Thor ensures effective and user-friendly operation. 


Searial Cleaners has initiated pilot programs in several harbors, receiving valuable feedback to refine their technology, and has partnered with Parks Canada to further implement their waste collector system. As of March 21, 2022, the Searial Cleaners have established ambassadors and pilot harbor partners, launching a pilot harbor program across Europe and the United States to test Collec’Thor’s technology, providing daily user feedback to enhance the effectiveness of the waste collector system. These partnerships, along with initiatives such as installing a Collec’Thor in the marina of Tadoussac with Parks Canada, demonstrate Searial Cleaners' commitment to expanding environmental initiatives globally.


For more information on Collec’Thor as well as the Searial Cleaners and their other products, please visit the web pages below:

(Serial Cleaners, 2023.)


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