Environmental Activist in Action: UMass Amherst MASSPIRG

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Massachusetts Student Public Interest Group (MASSPIRG) is an organization that works with professional staff at colleges and universities to bring educational and training opportunities for students to tackle climate change, conserve public health, and strengthen our democracy. Marissa Zampino, the Campus Organizer with MASSPIRG at UMass Amherst, is the professional staff member who supports students by giving them the skills and resources they need to work on the campaigns they want to run. I was also joined by student members, McKenna Sellitto and Caroline Williams, to discuss their defining activism initiatives within UMass Amherst MASSPIRG.

As the coordinator for the “Save the Bees” campaign, McKenna helps to run events and works on projects that will lead the University of Massachusetts Amherst to become a certified “Bee-Friendly'' campus in the state of Massachusetts through Bee Campus USA. She also helps work on projects that increase pollinator habitats on campus, such as establishing bee hotels in the Franklin Permaculture Garden.

As the coordinator for the “100% Renewable Energy” campaign, Caroline is helping to get Massachusetts to commit to 100% Renewable Energy through the 100% Renewable Energy Act, which includes lobbying legislators and getting petitions signatures. They are also trying to get UMass Amherst to commit as well.