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Intern Spotlight: Emily Miller

This week’s intern spotlight is Emily Miller!

Emily is from Marlborough, Massachusetts and has recently graduated from the University of Toronto. She double majored in Biodiversity & Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies! Emily grew up in the outdoors of Pennsylvania splitting her time between hiking and swimming. While in Pennsylvania, she developed a passion for preserving the environment and pursued a career in conservation. Before interning at Seaside Sustainability, Emily interned with the Bureau of Land Management where she worked to remove invasive plants from federal lands.

Emily is currently working as a project manager on the Marine Science and Education team and an intern on the Legislation team. She decided to intern at Seaside Sustainability because it was a way for her to make a change in her local community and work in the environmental field virtually. During her time at Seaside Sustainability, Emily has really enjoyed being able to connect with so many different people across the US and the world. It has been fun for her to collaborate with so many people to do work in her local community.

She is currently applying for full-time jobs after having graduated from her university in June. Emily hopes to find a career position in the environmental field following the end of her internship in April. Thank you for all of your hard work and leadership Emily! Everyone at Seaside Sustainability cannot wait to see the environmental and conservation work you accomplish in the near future.


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