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Intern Spotlight: Evan Petrillo

This week we will be featuring Evan Petrillo in our intern spotlight series!

Evan is a recent college graduate of Framingham State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy. Although he is from Reading, MA, Evan resides on the coast in Gloucester, MA during the summer months. In his free time he enjoys surfing, traveling, and spending time in the ocean.

Evan chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because of the opportunity it provided him to put his educational background and lifelong passion for the ocean, environmental conservation, and sustainability into motion on meaningful projects with a decorated, innovative, and diverse group of people. This opportunity has allowed him to gain valuable experience in an industry he is passionate about, as well as make a positive impact on coastal communities around the country.

Evan works on the Legislation team and is a Project Manager on the Seabin Sales team. His time spent on the Legislation Team has been used to collaborate on comprehensive documents and guides that give community members and students insight on how to create and implement Disposable Plastic Bans in cities and towns across the country. His time spent on the Seabin Sales Team has been used to reach out and provide information to potential buyers of Seabins in the Northeastern United States. In addition to outreach, Evan has also been working on creating an Educational Framework to present in front of community members and student groups. This presentation will educate them on the harmful effects of marine debris and pollution and how the Seabin works to clean our oceans of these contaminants.

In the future, Evan plans to pursue a career in the environmental science and policy sector. He hopes to research and write environmental legislation in order to promote a more sustainable future for the planet, and for generations to come. Thank you for the dedication and enthusiasm you bring to Seaside Sustainability, Evan. We are excited to see the contributions you make to environmental policy in the future!


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