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Seaside Sustainability’s TD Bank Affinity Program

Written by: Sophia Ward and Anna de Hostos Barth


Do you have an account with TD Bank? Do you want to support an ocean conservation and environmental education organization at no cost to you? Seaside Sustainability is excited to participate in the TD Bank Affinity Program and we are looking for your support to make it a success!

The Affinity Program is an initiative created by TD Bank to support non-profit organizations through community outreach. This means that new or existing customers at TD Bank can support Seaside Sustainability without any cost by affiliating their accounts with our organization. As a member of this rewards program, Seaside Sustainability receives annual donations based on the number of accounts affiliated with us. If you, or your friends and family, are TD Bank customers, please consider supporting Seaside Sustainability so that we can continue to protect our coastal waters through education and action.

What you get when you affiliate with Seaside Sustainability:

  • The chance to support a non-profit organization doing important work in the areas of sustainability, conservation and environmental education.

  • New TD Bank affinity member customers get $25 when opening a new checking account in store.

What Seaside Sustainability gets when you affiliate with us:

  • Checking Accounts

    • $50 for every new checking account

    • $10 for every existing checking account

  • Saving Accounts or CDs

    • 1/10 of 1% contribution based upon your annual average balances


  1. Visit any TD Bank branch in person and designate your accounts for inclusion in the TD Bank Affinity Program for Seaside Sustainability.*

  2. Call customer service at 1-888-751-9000, complete a simple verification process and then designate your accounts for inclusion in the TD Bank Affinity Program for Seaside Sustainability.*

*Upon signing up, be sure to inform your TD Bank representative that you wish to participate in this program annually. (This will ensure you do not have to enroll every year.)

Important Note

Seaside Sustainability will not receive any information from TD Bank regarding your account balances or any other personal information. This program is run exclusively through TD Bank and is an exciting opportunity we hope you take part in!


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