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Intern Spotlight: Margot Kelly

This week we will be featuring Margot Kelly on our intern spotlight series!

Margot is a returning intern from Ipswich, MA. She interned with Seaside Sustainability a couple of years ago because she wanted to develop an understanding of how sustainable organizations interact with their communities. Margot recently graduated high school and is currently taking a gap year to further her environmental endeavors before entering her freshman year of college. She had such a wonderful experience with Seaside Sustainability in the past, so she decided to come back to gain further familiarity with the field.

Margot has been working with the Legislation and Green Scholars teams. Since she is passionate about the importance of student leadership and sustainable education, she started working at Seaside Sustainability with the hope to increase environmental discussion in schools. Inspired by her first internship, Margot strives to further her advocacy skills and deepen her understanding of environmental policy. Her favorite part about working at Seaside Sustainability is the inclusive workplace that her project managers and fellow interns have created. She thoroughly enjoys working with them because they are enthusiastic about recognizing potential and giving everyone a diverse and fulfilling internship.

Margot will be entering her freshman year at Skidmore College in the fall of 2021 where she plans on majoring in Environmental Studies. Working with Seaside Sustainability has helped Margot refine her interests within the field of sustainability and she is so excited to take her experience here with her into her further education. Margot has contributed so much to the Legislation and Green Scholars teams. Thank you for all of your hard work Margot! We are confident that you will take your knowledge and skills to the next level in college.


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