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Intern Spotlight: Max Fern

This week, we will be featuring Max Fern as our intern spotlight!

Max is a junior at Lehigh University pursuing a major in journalism and minors in economics and environmental studies. At Lehigh, Max works as a columnist at The Brown & White, his university’s student newspaper, and serves as president of the Lehigh Squash Club. His passion for sustainability is inspired by his love of skiing and all things outdoors.

At Seaside Sustainability, Max manages the Seabin sales and sponsorships teams and works on the business development team. He chose to intern at Seaside to gain hands-on experience in the environmental services industry. Max enjoys interning at Seaside Sustainability because he is able to work on important issues with people who care just as much about them as he does. Since we all need to do our part to repair the world, Max is grateful for the opportunity to help Seaside Sustainability do the meaningful work that they do every day.

Max hopes to use his time at Seaside Sustainability to gain skills and experiences as he builds towards a career in renewable energy and environmental policy. He has been an invaluable asset to the Seabin sales and sponsorships teams and will undoubtedly achieve his professional goals. We appreciate all of your hard work, Max!


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