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Intern Spotlight: Miller McCraw

This week’s Intern Spotlight will be Miller McCraw!

Miller is currently a rising sophomore at Claremont McKenna College studying Environment, Economics, and Politics. He is a member of the Model United Nations team and the Roberts Environmental Center, an environmental consulting firm run by the college. In his spare time, Miller enjoys horror movies, board games, playing the mandolin and piano, and reading philosophy.

Miller is currently a project manager on the Grants Team as well as an intern for the plastic ban subteam of the Legislation team. His favorite part of interning at Seaside Sustainability is being surrounded by like minded individuals who care about the planet and its protection. He decided to intern at Seaside Sustainability because of the opportunity to make an impact, as well as his interview with interns Sean Steinberg and Sarah Spellman, who were incredibly knowledgeable about their teams and the issues they wanted to solve.

In the future, Miller hopes to become an environmental prosecutor for the EPA, as he believes that environmental solutions need to originate from the government. He is also in the midst of writing a book for a fellowship, and hopes to find a way to publish it soon!

Thank you for all of your hard work at Seaside Sustainability, Miller!


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