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Intern Spotlight: Phillip Wessel

This week we will be featuring Phillip Wessel as our intern spotlight!

Phillip grew up on a farm near Chandlerville, Illinois, and is currently studying Environmental Science at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). He hosts a lot of events at NSU, most prominently a series of stand-up comedy events in the residence halls. Phillip has been a wildlife rehabilitator since a young age, and he volunteers at the South Florida Wildlife Center whenever possible. Through his internship at Seaside Sustainability, Phillip is determined to build the next generation of environmentalists from an early age through education, entertainment, and activism.

Phillip Wessel works on the Green Scholars Team as a Content Editor and with the Grant Writing Team as a writer and researcher. He chose to intern here after learning about the opportunity online through his university. After he had an interview with the Project Manager of Green Scholars, he became very excited about the opportunity to help build an environmental curriculum for a changing world. He loves working at Seaside Sustainability because he knows that the content he creates will someday be able to guide the next generation of environmentalists in the North Shore and abroad.

Phillip is currently planning on working with the Peace Corps overseas on their upcoming programs involving food security and sustainable agriculture. After that, he will see where the road takes him. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work, Phillip! Seaside Sustainability cannot wait to see what you accomplish during your time with the Peace Corps.


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