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Meet Seaside Sustainability's Board of Directors: Lynn Jackson

Meet Lynn Jackson, a member of Seaside Sustainability’s Board of Directors who grew up on a small farm in Ohio where she developed a deep love for animals. She received her DVM from Ohio State University and began working as an Associate Veterinarian. After five years of working in private practice, she discovered a new pursuit as a study director for preclinical efficacy and safety testing at a research institute. Lynn then moved on to biopharmaceutical research and spent the rest of her career in that field. 

Lynn has since left her full-time position and now works part-time as a comparative medicine consultant. With more time on her hands, she began looking for opportunities to give back and volunteer her services. She saw an advertisement for a sustainability talk hosted by Executive Director Eric Magers and decided to attend. After the talk, Lynn introduced herself to Eric, and he thought Seaside Sustainability would be able to benefit from her scientific research background as it applies to the goals, projects, and programs of the organization. Lynn has been involved ever since, and is now a member of the Board of Directors as well as Chair of the Grants Committee. She is really enjoying the experience because the interns and volunteers come from all over the world and everybody brings a different background and interest!

Lynn wanted to get involved with Seaside Sustainability when she saw how passionate Eric is about the organization. Her goal, and Eric’s goal when bringing her on the team, was to be able to provide more rigor to the projects that Seaside Sustainability does, and to collect data so that each team has something concrete to show for their efforts. 

Lynn says that in order to build a successful organization, the interns, volunteers, and board members really need to be productive in choosing how they devote their time. She also wants to ensure that Seaside Sustainability is on the right path towards being a sustainable organization that carries out its mission in the most effective ways possible.

Lynn also believes there are advantages in Seaside Sustainability building more partnerships with other organizations in order to bring together collaborative talents. In this day-in-age, and with the impact of COVID, Lynn thinks reaching out to more partners and establishing more alliances with compatible organizations that provide synergy with Seaside Sustainability can help to move them forward!

More than anything, Lynn hopes her work with Seaside Sustainability helps promote the things that are most near and dear to her heart: the environment and habitat protection for wildlife. 

Thank you for your devotion to Seaside Sustainability, Lynn!


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