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Join our team of interns from across the globe to help create sustainable oceans & communities by educating through action

Business Operations

The Business Operations Department aids in the development of products and services that Seaside provides and facilitates partnership development. We are constantly working to develop programs and steward partnerships with external stakeholders to serve our communities effectively. The team also collects and organizes information on all things Seaside and does so by liaising with internal stakeholders. The department aids in maintaining data and relations for corporate and foundation donors and partners while working to pursue new opportunities in those areas. 


Business Operations Teams

  • Green Scholars as a Business


The Green Scholars as a Business team is working closely with the Green Scholars Department to launch Seaside’s Green Scholar curriculum program. This team is responsible for the business side of the program launch including crowdfunding, stakeholder engagement/management, financials, website design, and overall program management. They work closely with other departments and individuals involved in the Green Scholars program. 


  • Core Business Operations


The Core Business Operations team is responsible for all aspects of business here at Seaside. They work closely with other departments to support projects and programs throughout the organization. This team also manages any business operation tasks for Seaside as a whole. Business Operations holds responsibility for all of the Events & Partnerships projects Seaside is involved in. 


  • Market Research 


The Market Research team manages the Market Research program at Seaside Sustainability. The program is designed to grow our network of Green Scholars and Sustainability Consulting in schools across the nation. Interns at Seaside work collectively to compile a database of educators who focus on bettering the environment. To ensure we stay updated, all interns spend a minimum of 2 hours per week researching and storing this influential and game-changing information. This process is imperative to Seaside’s mission of bringing actionable change to the classroom and aiding those who take part in our program. The Market Research team monitors and manages intern research on a weekly basis to ensure all Market Research requirements are benign fulfilled. 

Our Responsibilities:

  • Supporting operational management of Seaside Sustainability 

  • Coordinate revisions and updates to the Seaside Business Plan under the direction of the Executive Director and Board

  • Communicate with other teams for the creation of the Seaside annual report

  • Organize partner and donor data in Hubspot, create partner outreach templates, and reach out to potential external stakeholders to develop relationships

  • Manage relationships with current corporate donors and stakeholders

  • Collaborate with the Advancement team on corporate donor development through a collection of information about prospective donors

  • Develop and maintain organizational partnerships for other teams

  • Act as advisors to new initiatives, including, for example, Green Scholars as a Business and Sustainability Consulting 

  • Coordinate cross-functional teams requiring a business focus

  • Participate in weekly team meetings where current projects and assignments will be discussed


Desired Skills:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization both in writing and verbally

  • Ability to help with the development of business and strategic plans

  • Basic research skills for collecting information on prospective partners and projects

  • Creative business strategies and outside the box thinking 

  • Writing and copy editing for the purpose of drafting internal and external documents.

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Responsibility and commitment to the work of the teams

  • Leadership ability

  • Professionalism 

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Project management 


Desired Experience:

  • Experience with outreach/business communication

  • Experience with business/strategic planning

  • Experience with new business ventures 

  • Experience with event planning

  • Experience with HubSpot or another CRM

  • Experience with web builder tools such as Wix, Squarespace, Thinkific

Climate Action

The Climate Action team at Seaside Sustainability focuses on developing and implementing impactful climate adaptation and mitigation projects locally, nationally, and globally. Using the latest climate science and international sustainability guidelines, the department identifies crucial climate action strategies, and scale climate solutions to Seaside’s scope and potential impact. We are looking for hard working individuals with a passion for developing forward-thinking approaches to climate change.  The ideal candidate will be organized, innovative and enjoy performing research and project development. The Climate Action team focuses their efforts on topics such as renewable energy, nature based solutions to climate change, community action efforts and The “C Change” newsletter. C Change is a monthly newsletter that is researched, written, edited and distributed by the Climate Change Newsletter sub-team which is a branch of the Climate Action team. If you are interested in collaborating on any of the aforementioned goals and projects, including contributing to our up-and-running climate change specific newsletter; please apply! We look forward to hearing from you. 


General Desired Skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Strong research skills 

  • Analytical skills (qualitative and/or quantitative analysis)

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Curiosity/desire to learn 

  • Ability to collaborate


GIS Projects: Within each subteam, some interns will be working on ArcGIS projects. If you have any GIS experience, please apply! (but don’t worry if you don’t!)




Climate Change Newsletter: Researches, drafts, and publishes Seaside’s monthly climate change newsletter, C Change, that covers new and relevant topics regarding fossil fuels and the renewable energy transition, climate change mitigation, and ways individuals can get involved to take climate action


Preferred Skills/Experience:

  • Do not need previous experience with writing newsletters

  • Excellent writing skills

  • Experience with the drafting process (research, drafting, revising, editing) for publications of any size a plus

  • Coursework/academics focused on renewable energy, sustainability, or climate change topics

  • Any experience with Mailerlite or digital marketing a plus


Community Organizing: Connects with local coalition groups and national/international climate action groups and inspires communities to actively participate in the fight against climate change. Promotes and facilitates collective action locally and internationally through outreach, activism and external partnerships.


Preferred Skills/Experience:

  • Interns that are (or were previously) local to Gloucester/MA given first priority

  • Experience with community outreach or organizing preferred but not required

  • Interpersonal skills + the ability to engage and relate with communities and individuals of diverse backgrounds

  • Highly organized and able to track and maintain various external contacts and partnerships


Nature-Based Solutions: Researches, plans, and executes natural climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. Focuses on developing and implementing nature-based solutions in local communities and ensuring that natural climate solutions are pursued in tandem with sustainable development. 


Preferred Skills/Experience

  • Coursework/academics focused on environmental topics, ecology, conservation, sustainable agriculture and forest management, etc

  • Experience collaborating with multiple teams on joint projects

  • Strong research skills, and the ability to synthesize research into accessible terms that everyone can understand

  • Prior experience with conservation or restoration fieldwork a plus


Renewable Energy: Focuses on facilitating and advancing the renewable energy transition through research and analysis projects and promoting and tracking renewable technology adoption. 


Preferred Skills/Experience

  • Cousework/academics focused on renewable energy, climate change, and decarbonization topics

  • Quantitative analysis skills including managing/manipulating datasets a plus

  • Strong research skills, and the ability to synthesize research into accessible terms that everyone can understand

  • Highly organized and able to focus on multiple projects simultaneously

Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice department focuses on advancing Seaside’s environmental initiatives through the inclusion of historically disinvested regions to share resources, information, and opportunities to increase community resilience to changing climate factors. The department was formed out of the recognition that all people have the right to live, work, and play in communities that are safe, healthy, and free of life-threatening conditions. The team is highly collaborative and is structured to have an ambassador from each Seaside department whose role is to incorporate EJ components into their team's current projects. Through the use of available GIS maps, interns will conduct research, outreach and partnership forming with nonprofits, schools, and businesses with the purpose of involving them in Seaside's current and future initiatives. As a new department, EJ is looking to fill intern and management positions.


Our Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and communicate with other departments on current initiatives and areas of EJ potential

  • Conduct outreach to EJ community-based nonprofits, schools, and businesses with the goal of creating partnerships around our services (GSGD, Sustainability Consulting, etc..) 

  • Organize partnership data on Hubspot, create partner outreach templates, and reach out to potential partners to develop relationships

Preferred Skills

  • Strong research skills, and the ability to synthesize research into accessible terms that everyone can understand

  • Highly organized 

  • Project Management Skills 

  • Time Management

  • Excellent Communication both written and verbally

  • Self Motivated


Desired Experience:

  • Coursework focused on environmental justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity.

  • Community Outreach and partnership building 

  • Collaborating with multiple teams on joint projects

Grant Research, Writing, & Administration 

Seaside Sustainability applies for over $200k in funding annually. Within our grant writing team, interns collaborate with each other to write and submit grant proposals. By conducting preliminary grant research and drafting compelling narratives, they put together grant applications that showcase Seaside’s mission and achievements. Working across different time zones and schedules, they also work independently throughout the session. Interns are also expected to attend weekly meetings with their team and communicate with their project managers. Successful grant writing interns display excellent research and writing skills, communication skills, and motivation. Intern writers do not need to have experience writing grant proposals. 


Skills Needed:

  • Strong research and writing abilities 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Strong organization and time management abilities

  • Ability to understand complex instructions 

  • Computer skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Motivated to take on new initiatives

  • Ability to work well both independently and with others


Desired Experience:

  • Intern writers do not need to have experience writing grant proposals

  • Experience in either independent research or team projects is recommended

  • Any previous experience in writing, reading, budgeting, or working with grants is a plus

Green Scholars

The Green Scholars program is a project-based, honors-level high school curriculum that seeks to inspire high school students to create change in their communities while building a foundation of knowledge that will enable them to do so. By educating students on the basics of sustainability, giving them resources to succeed in professional settings, and helping students develop skills necessary to complete a sustainability project for their community, the Green 

Scholars program strives to empower students to help create a more sustainable world. The Green Scholars Development team consists of four sub-teams: environmental literacy, professional skills, project management, and program management. Interns on all subteams will work on content development along with revisions to the current curriculum. In addition, interns may work on video projects and online content design for the online version of the curriculum.


Environmental Literacy

The Environmental Literacy subteam educates students on the basics of the environment and the importance of sustainability. By becoming more environmentally literate, students can choose a project in sustainability that they are most passionate about and understand how environmental issues impact their everyday lives. This team focuses on teaching students the basics of environmental science theory and applications to real-world issues.


Professional Skills

The Professional Skills subteam helps educate students on the basics of how to succeed in professional settings after high school. Many students are not trained for the next steps of their careers, whether they want to apply to college, seek out an internship, or start a professional career right out of the gate, this team is here to help. The Professional Skills team seeks to bridge that knowledge gap and teach the skills needed to help students succeed, both in their work life and in their sustainability projects.


Project Management

The Project Management subteam educates students on the basics of how to successfully design and implement a project in their school or community. Project development is a vital part of the Green Scholars curriculum. It allows students to explore and understand sustainability through hands-on projects. Through these projects, students will develop management and communication skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. This team ensures students will have the resources necessary to bring positive change to their communities. Currently, interns on the Project Management team also work on the Program Management team.


Program Management

This subteam assists teachers in implementing the Green Scholars program and prepares them for the wide array of scenarios they may face while implementing the curriculum. As each school and student is unique, this team gives teachers resources to modify the curriculum based on the needs of their community. For example, coastal schools may wish to focus on ocean issues, while schools in more rural areas may have students wanting to explore projects in agriculture.  Currently, interns in the Program Management team also work on the Project Management team.


Skills needed: 

  • Excellent research, writing, and editing skills

  • Ability to think critically about real-world issues

  • Good organization and communication

  • Creativity and being open to new ideas

  • Willingness to learn

  • Team Player


Desired Experience:

  • Experience teaching in an educational environment (any age level, but middle/high school preferred)

  • Research, whether done in school or otherwise

  • Background in writing

  • Past sustainability work, especially in a community setting

  • Video production skills are a plus

Human Resources

The Human Resource team is responsible for the organization, performance, and the culture of our internship program. They also create strategies to recruit and retain a skilled and diverse group of interns and help current interns develop their professional skills. HR will communicate with applicants throughout the application, interview, and onboarding process. They help create an optimal work environment at Seaside by improving intern wellness and maintaining communication with current interns. Additionally, the team will provide administrative support, such as storing confidential information on intern paperwork and connecting interns with project teams. At Seaside, the Human Resource team is split into three divisions, each led by a project manager. 


Preferred Qualifications for HR Interns: 

Interns should be comfortable with basic administrative skills (G Suite, email) and possess excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines. We are looking for individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills. All HR Interns must also be able to work independently and in a team.


Applications and External Communications:

  • Recruit potential interns and review applications

  • Conduct initial interviews with applicants

  • Collaborate with Management Fellows closely to fill open positions with talented candidates

  • Handle administrative tasks for the onboarding process 


Skills Needed:

  • Ability to objectively evaluate candidates on their skills and experience

  • Highly organized and process-oriented

  • Conducting interviews (not required but recommended)


Internal Communications and Well-Being: 

  • Produce weekly internal newsletters for current interns using Mailerlite

  • Improve work culture and engage with current interns to enhance performance

  • Work with Management Fellows to conduct additional check-ins with interns and assist Fellows with offboarding tasks for leaving interns

  • Conduct welcome orientation calls with new interns and connect interns to their respective teams, personal fellows, and additional projects


Skills Needed:

  • Good problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Eager to interact with other teams and fellows 

  • Experience with Mailerlite (not required)


Diversity and Professional Development Training:

  • Update policies and guides if necessary

  • Develop a diverse, accessible, and inclusive workplace

  • Conduct research on cultural holidays, awareness dates, and diversity in sustainability

  • Collaborate with different teams to plan and host training sessions and workshops on topics relating to unconscious bias, privilege, professional development 


Skills Needed:

  • Research and presentation skills

  • Passion for bringing diversity to the field of sustainability 

  • Comfortable with cross-functional collaboration

  • Experience in recruiting diverse talent

  •  Knowledge of cultural competency


Human Resource Project Managers

Each PM leads one division within a team. They work closely with the HR fellow to assign tasks to their divisional interns in weekly meetings. 


Skills Needed:

  • Have previous leadership experience and know how to lead a team (Not Required)

  • Must be organized, reliable, and possess strong communication skills


Human Resource Fellow

The HR Fellow works closely with the intern directors and other fellows to discuss updates relating to organizational change. The fellow will then meet with the PMs to coordinate these tasks with the general interns. They will also perform the general fellow tasks.


Skills Needed:

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Commit longer working hours at Seaside

  • Ability to adapt to change and delegate tasks effectively

  • Open to feedback

Legislation & Advocacy

The Legislation team at Seaside Leads environmental initiatives and advocates for environmental changes that help protect the oceans and marine life. The legislation team at Seaside is engaged with local communities in various ways to bring sustainable change through legislation. Building off our success in passing local single-use plastic bans, we have published a how-to guide for community groups to pass similar legislation in their own communities. We are advocating for a state-wide single-use plastics ban. Some of our other ongoing projects include organizing grassroots lobbying campaigns and engaging in direct lobbying for extended producer responsibility legislation in Massachusetts, collecting and recycling marine shrink wrap in the city of Gloucester, bringing marine and reef-safe sunscreen to Massachusetts beaches, and informing the public on the environmental effects of PFAS contamination in our waterways. L&A is looking forward to nationwide advocacy to support a National Bottle Bill and other environmentally impactful legislation.


Zero Waste (Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)/Circular Economy)

Seaside has successfully implemented several local single-use plastic bans. This guide aims to provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to implement a successful plastic ban within communities around the United States. We recently testified at hearings for a ban on single-use plastics, a broader bottle bill, and extended producer responsibility for paper and packaging in Massachusetts.  We are working with local communities and other environmental organizations to advocate for the passage of these bills.  In addition, we are canvassing different states to provide a guide to how effective their state bottle bill is as an environmental issue. This subteam is also expanding their inquiries and projects as new topics arise.


Preventable Marine Pollution Team

The Preventable Marine Pollution subteam conducts research and relevant advocacy work pertaining to bills that will have an impact on marine environments. This subteam initially developed through collaborative partnerships with organizations combating skin cancer through the promotion of marine-safe sunscreen. Additionally, this subteam has organized and implemented projects to provide “safe sunscreen” (without those chemical compounds that can harm aquatic life) to beach goers (in a Massachusetts locale), create educational slideshows, podcasts, and relevant blog posts to provide information on the potential adverse environmental harm from non-marine-safe sunscreen. We also address topics such as product affordability, suitability, and the intersection of these inequities with marginalized identities. In addition, the Preventable Marine Pollution subteam is currently studying other contaminating sources/substances that can harm our waterways, oceans, and all of the life forms inhabiting them.


Safe Sustainable Products Team (PFAS Team)

The Safe Sustainable Products subteam focuses on legislation related to regulating toxic chemicals that plague our products, our bodies, and our environment. A prime example of such a chemical is PFAS, or per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances. These “forever chemicals” are a group of chemical compounds found in many household and industrial products that have harmful effects on human health and the environment. The SSP team is investigating how federal, state, and local legislatures are handling this emerging issue.  We are collaborating with other environmental organizations to advocate for bills that would reduce the amount of PFAS in our environment and educate the public on this issue. SSP is also exploring other initiatives to take to remove these potentially toxic substances from everyday use as well.


Climate Mitigation Team

The Climate Mitigation subteam conducts research on state and federal legislation that pertains to climate mitigations. These policies include a state and federal carbon pricing, environmental justice, and sustainability. This subteam’s aim is to create a better understanding of the legislative process, advocate for efforts to limit climate change, and raise awareness of how individuals and governments can be effective actors in sustainability. This is done through contact with businesses, legislators, and other environmental groups. 


Skills Needed:

  • Ability to research and understand complex policy issues which includes vetting all sides of the “position” - both for and against what we propose to advocate.

  • Professional writing and verbal communication for outreach and education efforts.

  • Strong interpersonal skills for relationship building and stakeholder and community engagement.

  • Project development which includes commitment to a time and task schedule.  

  • Ability to take the initiative on projects.

  • Strong team player with excellent communications skills.

  • Critical thinking. 

  • Willingness to learn.

  • Adaptability where the “science” may be changing now.

  • A passion for advocacy surrounding environmental issues regarding ocean conservation.

Marine Science & Education

Our team focuses on ecological restoration, community engagement, and research that ultimately protects our waterways and coastal environments. In the past, we have run field trips and volunteer days in the Gloucester area and performed a series of field projects, including plastic and invasive species mitigation, sea level rise data collection, and others. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented more virtual programming to involve our community in a meaningful and safe way. The ideal MS&E intern should be passionate about sustainability and knowledgeable about current issues related to our environment.


MS&E initiatives include: mitigating marine debris via various initiatives, creating educational materials to facilitate citizen science, writing and releasing a monthly newsletter dedicated to climate change, assisting in research for the Chebacco Lake restoration work, collaborating with other Seaside teams, and more!


Desired skills: 

  • Outstanding writing and communication skills

  • Ability to work in a collaborative and interpersonal environment 

  • Must be able to perform literature reviews and extensive research into a wide range of topics

  • Should be able to organize and write about advanced scientific information for the general public 

  • Knowledge of how and when to cite sources (APA preferred)


Desired experience: 

  • Research (preferably in STEM) 

  • Performance of scientific literature reviews and interaction with academic publications

  • Courses in environmental science, sustainability, or environmental justice 

  • Jobs in sustainability

  • Experience creating educational materials for children or the average citizen

  • ArcGIS experience is a bonus! 

Marketing & Public Relations

The marketing team aims to present Seaside Sustainability positively and visually through clear, strategic messaging. The team's primary goal is to expand our reach and engagement while maintaining our current following. Our interns help manage our social media pages, website, newsletter, blog, public relations, and marketing campaigns. The marketing team consists of three branches, Content Generation & Community Management, Video Production and Graphic Design, and Website, Analytics & Operations, with numerous sub-teams housed under each branch. *Marketing interns are on the marketing team only* 


General skills and experiences needed:
(Specific skills vary per role)

  • Writing and editing skills 

  • Journalism background, newsletter experience, and public relations experience

  • Social media management - Hootsuite 

  • Video production and graphic design - Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and/or others

  • Knowledge/experience in developing podcast content, production, and/or editing

  • MailerLite or other email marketing tool

  • Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization

  • Wix, WordPress, Web design

  • Driven, self-starter, independent, strong work ethic

  • Time management, multitasking, ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Teamwork and the ability to work and collaborate with others on a team


Subteams: Blog, Analytics, Social Media, Video Production, Graphic Design, Newsletter, Overall Content Calendar, Public Relations, Website Maintenance, System Subscriptions, Admin


Content Generation & Community Management

This branch writes and edits our blog, social media posts, newsletter, and public relations materials. They manage an ongoing flow of content distributed to external audiences on a weekly basis. This branch is divided into four sub-teams: blog, social media, public relations, and newsletter. A team lead oversees each sub-team.


Skills needed:

  • Creative, strategic writing and editing

  • Public relations

  • Social media management and social media strategy across multiple platforms

  • Experience with Canva, Trello, Hootsuite, and/or Mailerlite


Skills needed for team leads:

  • Social media Lead - Familiarity with Hootsuite and social media strategy.

  • Newsletter Lead - MailerLite or email marketing experience, high writing, and editing skills, journalism background a plus

  • Public Relations Lead - Experience with representing an organization and communicating an organization’s mission, values, and announcements to internal and external public

  • Blog Lead - experience writing, editing, and reviewing others' writing


Desired Experience:

  • Writing newsletters

  • Writing and/or managing blogs

  • Running social media platforms

  • Writing and distributing public relations materials


Video Production and Graphic Design

This branch manages the creation of high-impact videos and graphics to be used across a variety of social media channels, on our website, in presentations, and during virtual and in-person events. This branch is divided into two sub-teams: video production, and graphic design. A team lead oversees each sub-team.


Skills needed:

  • Video production and video editing

  • Ability to develop storyboards 

  • Strong understanding of design principles

  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, or other


Skills Needed for team leads:

  • Graphic Design Lead - graphic design experience and familiarity with Canva, Photoshop, or another program

  • Video Production Lead - filming/editing experience and familiarity with iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush, or another program


Desired Experience:

  • Video production - experience with creating high-impact videos

  • Graphic design - experience with creating inspiring, on brand graphics 


Website, Analytics and Operations

This branch manages internal and external websites, and web analytics, oversees the website, and works with the video and creative team to source content for our website. This branch is divided into two sub-teams: website, and analytics. A team lead oversees each sub-team.


Skills needed:

  • Wix management and Google sites

  • Google Suite and Google Analytics

  • Trello


Skills Needed for team leads:

  • Website Lead - website design and familiarity with web-development services like Wix or WordPress

  • Analytics Lead - Google Analytics, and the ability to leverage data to make recommendations 


Desired Experience:

  • Website design - experience with building and managing websites; familiarity with Wix is a plus

  • Google Suite and Google Analytics to help develop recommendations to grow our impact and meet our goals

Sustainability Consulting

The Sustainability Consulting Team is piloting a consulting program at schools. Over the course of the creation of this program, the team is expected to develop consulting services proposals, pricing proposals, contracts and attend meetings with school leadership. The logistics subteam deals with the formal structures of the team like documents and budgeting. The outreach subteam helps develop strategies to reach out to schools and businesses. The outreach subteam also works on marketing and the outward-facing page on the website. All interns on the Sustainability Consulting Team will work with the project managers to support the consultants’ guidance in schools. This will include shadowing the consultant, providing research assistance, and other aspects to run the program. All interns are expected to attend virtual weekly meetings during normal business hours with the Sustainability Consulting team.  Responsibilities include: Collaborate with team members and management to collaborate on projects and deliverables on a weekly basis; Draft and proof-read proposals and contracts; Provide infographics and formatting for official documents.


Skills Needed:

  • Team collaboration

  • Independent worker

  • Professional written + verbal communication skills

  • Self-starter

  • Diligent 


Desired Experience

  • Environmental/sustainability education

  • Information gathering & research

  • Business

  • Community outreach

  • Project management/development

  • Experience in schools (bonus)

  • Experience consulting (bonus)

Website & Technology

We are looking for innovators and problem solvers to join Seaside Sustainability’s Web & Tech team. Our team is a group of seaside interns that have a knack for technology and are adept at helping others with technical issues. Web & Tech team members design and develop new web pages, keep the website current and running smoothly, are able to troubleshoot issues, supply tech support to all Seaside teams, and aid with finding new technologies that can drive the organization forward. They are able to create helpful learning materials like tutorials and documentation. Since Web & Tech team members will be the “go-to's” for any tech-related questions they should be intuitive, naturally curious learners with strong communication skills and possess a willingness to help others.


Skills Needed

  • Intuitive problem solver

  • Analytical reasoning skills

  • Strong writing and communication skills

  • The ability to learn new technologies

  • The ability to find creative solutions to a variety of issues

  • Excellent literature review and research skills 

  • A desire to learn new skills and share them with others 

  • Virtual team collaboration 


Desired Experience

  • Experience with the Wix Editor X platform 

  • Coding experience of any kind preferred (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL)

  • Digital marketing skills (SEO, data analytics) 

  • Google Workspaces knowledge

  • UX/UI design experience

  • Tech support IT experience

  • Web design and development

  • Front-end, back-end, full-stack development 

  • Project management using Scrum/Agile frameworks 

  • Experience with low code/no code solutions

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