Become an Environmental Advocate within Your Community

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Environmental advocacy is an important channel in a community’s shift to become more sustainable. Seaside Sustainability’s Disposable Plastic Ban Guide, launching on Earth Day, is one way that a community can elicit environmental change through passing legislation. More broadly, however, environmental advocacy paves the way for real change, not only through policy but in thought. Starting with passion and a desire for education, advocating can help cultivate a more environmentally conscious and sustainable community. Through research, awareness of current legislation, involvement within local businesses, and community inclusion, environmental advocacy has the power to not only instill immediate change, but to set the stage for future environmental initiatives to be considered and implemented.

Disposable plastic bans can start cultivating this connection with your community. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) cites bans on disposable plastics as the first step in implementing more extensive policies, decreasing the rising accumulation of plastic waste and establishing sustainable alternatives. If you are unsure of how to begin advocating for sustainable and environmental awareness in your community, advocating for a plastic ban is a great place to begin and a catalyst for future environmental action in your community.

In advocating for a plastic ban, it is crucial to involve local businesses in your cause and advocacy. In doing so, you can become aware of their concerns and suggestions to improve your plan. This will help your proposal gain more traction and increase its chances of success as it reflects the views of a larger portion of the community. Establishing relationships and creating partnerships with local businesses will be beneficial to the success of future environmental initiatives as they have already shown an interest in sustainability. The involvement of local businesses is crucial in bringing the community together and tying sustainability in as an important issue to the community at large, and to not just one person. Including them in your proposal will also ignite a conv