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Green Scholars: An Education in Sustainability

Designed by the minds at Seaside Sustainability, Green Scholars is an honors-level middle school and high school curriculum that teaches the basics of environmental sustainability and then puts them into practice. Students, guided by educators, undertake a hands-on project that has real-world outcomes which directly benefit the school, district, and/or community.

Green Scholars consists of three learning modules and one teaching module. The learning modules are Environmental Literacy, designed to give students an understanding of the scientific and social aspects of sustainability; Project Management, which supports students through the steps of designing and implementing an environmental initiative in their local community; and Professional Skills, allowing students to work on their resume and interviewing skills. All these skills combined will not only help students in the long run but also aid life on our planet.

Each course contains worksheets, coursework, quizzes, videos, and grading criteria. Assignments and assessments are included in the course and more detailed resources can be added on the basis of local issues. With 16 free programs and a nationally recognized Founder, Eric Magers, Green Scholars is off to a great start and is already being implemented in several schools. Students have already undertaken major projects at their schools such as banning single-use plastic bottles, Meatless Mondays, adopting green products, and many more.

Courses and syllabi related to the environment help individuals develop a thorough understanding of their surroundings, their planet, and provide them with resources to make a significant contribution to their communities. Educating this generation is key to ensuring a safer and more sustainable future for our world and Green Scholars not only fulfills this goal but encourages environment-friendly change in student spaces.


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