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Intern Spotlight: Luca Napora

This week’s intern spotlight is Luca Napora!

Luca, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, is a sophomore at the College of Wooster majoring in Economics and Computer Science. In his free time, Luca enjoys reading, playing chess, and being a member of his college's soccer team. He is very passionate about environmental sustainability and is excited to be a part of an organization that shares this commitment.

Luca is a member of the Grants team, Seabin Sponsorships, and Green Scholars Business Team. What drew him to Seaside Sustainability was the organization’s commitment to giving interns important responsibilities and platforms. That, combined with the initiatives that Seaside Sustainability runs to protect our environment, made working here a no-brainer.

Luca’s favorite part about interning here has been the opportunity to work with coworkers who possess an incredible passion for sustainability. He has learned a tremendous amount from them and they've reaffirmed the path that he wants to take after graduation.

In the future, Luca plans to continue with work that allows him to utilize his passion for environmental sustainability, whether that's through environmental legislation, non-profit work, or something entirely different. We appreciate all of the dedication that you bring to Seaside Sustainability, Luca! Your skillset, work ethic, and leadership have been invaluable to the Grants, Seabin Sponsorships and Green Scholars Business Teams.


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