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Intern Spotlight: Riley Huffman

This week we will be featuring Riley Huffman as our intern spotlight!

Riley is a junior at Indiana University studying Environmental Management. She enjoys picnics and bike rides in her spare time and plans on using her lifelong passion for environmental advocacy to live a sustainable life and inspire others to do the same.

Riley is a recent Seaside Sustainability alum who works as a project manager for the Sustainability Calculator Team and a sales intern for the Seabin Team. She chose to work at Seaside Sustainability because she knew she wanted to work within the sustainability field and that she wanted to work for a company that had experience with remote internships. During her internship search, she realized Seaside Sustainability checked all the boxes for her.

Riley has had a special connection with the Sustainability Calculator since she started working on it in August 2020. She loved the entire vision of the project and the versatile work she got to do for it. She never would have imagined that she would get experience in research, website development, and survey writing all in one semester, let alone one project. Riley enjoys working at Seaside Sustainability because she has made many amazing connections through this internship. In the future, she would love to work with any of her fellow interns.

She has two semesters left in her undergrad and is looking forward to continuing to write and edit a sustainability newsletter on her campus this semester. After she graduates, Riley plans on looking for work in the sustainability field. Thank you so much for your hard work and leadership, Riley! Our entire team is excited to see where your passion for environmental advocacy will take you.


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