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Intern Spotlight: Sarah Beckhaus

Sarah is an intern alum who finished her internship with Seaside Sustainability this past winter. She is a junior at Northeastern University pursuing a degree in Communication Studies along with minors in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Business Practices. Sarah is originally from northern California, but she also spent some time living in Munich, Germany, before moving to Boston for university. Her passion for the environment led her to Seaside Sustainability, where she worked as an intern on the development and marketing teams this past fall.

Sarah chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because she was looking to gain experience in marketing and development for nonprofits. When she first learned about Seaside Sustainability during her internship search, she was immediately intrigued by the marine research and educational programs that Seaside Sustainability has developed. Sarah knew that a position in the development team would be the perfect fit because she would be able to apply her experience with Public Relations and Communications, but also challenge herself in the unfamiliar field of fundraising. Sarah also decided to work at Seaside Sustainability because it was really important for her to find an organization that shared similar values. She knew that working with other individuals who have similar passions and prioritize sustainability in their everyday lives would make her feel much more connected to the organization’s community.

Her favorite part about working at Seaside Sustainability was the people. She was impressed by how dedicated and hardworking the interns, volunteers, and board members were and was truly inspired to work alongside people who are as passionate about sustainability as she is. Not only was the Seaside Sustainability community welcoming and genuine, but everyone was very supportive and always made sure she was getting the most out of her experience as an intern. It made the work she did more fulfilling, knowing she was contributing to such a great organization.

In the future, Sarah hopes to continue working in the sustainability sector. During her final years of university, she plans to complete another internship to gain more work experience before graduating. She also plans to continue her position in the E-board for a student-led organization called the Boston EcoScholars, that brings environmental and climate change education to elementary schools across Boston. Otherwise, she hopes to continue practicing a sustainable lifestyle and doing what she can to keep this planet and its oceans healthy!

Thank you so much for the dedication you brought to Seaside Sustainability, Sarah. We appreciate your hard work and know you will accomplish great things in the sustainability sector!


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