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Intern Spotlight: Kelly Yen

This week’s intern spotlight is Kelly Yen!

Kelly is an intern alum who recently completed her internship with Seaside Sustainability. Currently, she is a sophomore studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. She is also thinking about applying to graduate school for Architecture. Her interest lies in being a part of this generation's movement to cut carbon emissions and design more sustainable buildings and public spaces. She’s originally from Irvine, California, though she later moved to Redmond, Washington. In her free time she enjoys taking photographs, designing, binging shows, and baking. In the past, she worked as a software intern at Microsoft, and while she learned a lot from that experience, she found a passion elsewhere and wanted to work on projects that she truly cared about, alongside peers that share her passion for sustainability and making a positive impact on communities.

Her passions led her to Seaside Sustainability where she worked as a fellow on the sustainability calculator and IT teams. She encountered the opportunity to work with a group of people from varying academic backgrounds. From getting to know her team members, their career paths, and how they got to where they are today, Kelly is learning a lot from her internship with Seaside Sustainability.

Kelly chose to intern at Seaside Sustainability because she is deeply passionate about sustainability and social good. She was impressed by Seaside Sustainability’s focus on not only the environmental aspect of sustainability, or the social aspect, but rather the intersection of both. Seaside Sustainability’s mission to empower and equip people with the right resources to help the environment resonated with her. She enjoys being a part of the experience and seeing what working at a non-profit for the first time is like.

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm, Kelly!


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